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All you need is spirit…

 Written by    November 15, 2012

a new twist on the Beatles song…

When I was looking at colleges during my junior and senior year of high school, I looked at “medium sized research institutions” with prestige. I came from a small school, and I can get sick of people if I see them too much, so I didn’t want too small of a school. This little specification that I made for myself seemed to steer me right. As I’ve explained in a previous blog post I applied to OSU as my in-state safety school and went along my merry way (the way things are going, I doubt my admission into Ohio State would still be safe…).

By the end of my college search and after receiving my admissions and rejections, Ohio State just made the most sense. Being here now, I still agree with my choice and realized that in my search I had forgotten a key factor in my decision matrix. Spirit.

The thing that unites all buckeyes into one. Making you feel a part of something than you could ever be on your own. Waking up early on game day to the seven nation army and heading over to Skull Session to watch TBDTITL play their set before the game, cheering on the sports teams, singing Carmen Ohio at Graduation, calling out O-H to strangers (I-O!), and being approached in an airport for wearing an Ohio State sweatshirt* (because let’s be real here… everyone loves the Buckeyes 😉  )

Being a buckeye is something that stays with you forever.

My sister went to Miami University in Oxford, OH and after visiting me on campus, she regrets not going to Ohio State instead and when the Buckeyes played the Red Hawks in the ‘Shoe this season, she told me she was rooting for the Buckeyes.





*I was recently in the Houston airport with my fellow SWE-sters (officers of the Society of Women Engineers) heading back from the annual conference (I would say ‘national’ but since SWE is now an ‘international’ society, I’m not allowed to…). I was wearing my super comfy Ohio State hoodie and some other officers were wearing some OSU gear as well and a guy came up to talk to us about OSU and how we like it. OSU fans are everywhere!


Some extra buckeye reading: http://undergrad.osu.edu/buckeyes_blog/?p=4176

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