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Swimming Adventures in Buckeye Land

 Written by    November 18, 2012

No matter how long you’ve been at Ohio State, there is a first time for everything.

I’ve been meaning to go swimming at the RPAC Aquatic Center for a while now.  I mean, I can’t swim, like at all.  Technically, I know all the strokes—I’m just not good at them.  To quote my swim instructor from when I was a kid:  “Julia is very… buoyant.”  Apparently that was the most positive comment she could give about me to my parents.  I’ll take it.


But I really like swimming, so I decided this past week to hit up one of OSU’s 5 pools for the first time and do something different for a workout.


…So that went well!  (Half-sarcasm.)


First of all, like I said, we have 5 pools, and there are all these different schedules for them.  Thus, I was already nervous of getting the hours wrong and accidentally party crashing on a swim class or OSU’s swim team or something.  I awkwardly hovered outside the door to the natatorium Friday morning (as opposed to the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion, which houses our Olympic-sized competition pool and diving well).

Pretty sweet, no?

Finally someone else walked in, so I figured it was safe for me to go in as well.

So I made it to the pool, check.  But then there’s these lane signs for slow, medium, and fast, which, I’m sure is standard at most places, but like I know what that means.  I would have assumed I should go in the slow lane, figuring that regardless of whatever relative scale of speed this was based off of, I was still at the bottom.  But the slow lane looked full (I guess?) so I opted for medium.


Oh, I had no idea what circle swimming was, so this older guy in my lane had to tell me what to do.


And I swam in a ballet leotard because I don’t own a one-piece swimsuit.  So I’m sure that looked really cute.


And I didn’t think about the fact that I was wearing contacts (but no goggles) until I was underwater.


And remember that part where I said I was bad at swimming?  No kidding.  I had to stop and rest for like 2 minutes after every half-lap.  My triceps are still sore.  I have this not-so-irrational fear that the lifeguard was secretly laughing at me as I pretended to know how to swim freestyle with real-people technique.


But it was still pretty fun.  I’m willing to embarrass myself for the sake of a workout.  I’m totally going to go back, and I have my fingers crossed that it will get easier.  At the very least, it was a nice change of pace from my usual elliptical-ing.



Rude Awakening:  It looks like we’re going to lose the Blood Battle to Michigan, again.  That would be the 5th year in a row!  By the time I graduate, I want OSU to win this thing!  It’s such a good cause, too.


Pleasant Surprise:  I can’t believe Mirror Lake Jump is just around the corner again!! There’s nothing better than jumping into a nasty freezing lake in order to beat that school up north.

I get excited just looking at photos like this!




In firm friendship,


Julia Rose S.


Pool:  http://www.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?team=ohossc&_stabid_=20148
Mirror Lake: http://phantasmdesigns.typepad.com/don_hubers_art_blog/2010/11/mirror-lake-jump.html

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