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Beat M!ch!g@n Week (Part 4)

 Written by    November 21, 2012

The fourth part of my yearly series where I talk all about the things Ohio State does during the week of the big game.


Song of the Week=Hang on Sloopy by The Ohio State University Marching Band



I’m going to be honest with you, this school takes the rivalry pretty seriously. How serious, you ask? Well, we dedicate an entire week to events that have to do with beating That Team Up North (or M!ch!g@n, as I will be referring to them as). Oops, did say week? Sorry about that, I just read the title “Beat M!ch!g@n Week and accidentally assumed it was just a week. Our first event actually starts October 15—the HGTV and DIY Network’s Raise A Roof College Challenge. Our first event specifically dedicated to out-do That Team Up North starts November 1 in which we out-donate our blood.

Finding a way to turn this hate towards 2% of the nation (counting each state equally), Ohio State hosts a plethora of events you can do to both contribute to help out the community and assert your metaphorical dominance to that Team Up North (physical dominance can only be exerted by our athletes). These include: Battle Against Hunger, DIY Sportswear design, two separate 5k runs, and a fund-raiser for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Oh, and Mr. Wiggly’s is gives out free hot dogs. There are plenty others, of course. Or, if you want to express disdain without the positive actions, you can just go around and tape up all of the M’s on campus.


This is actually a thing that happens

From my phone

This is actually a thing that happens

However, there’s one event that seems to stand above the others. An event so big, so awesome, so crazy that it’s covered in media everywhere. It’s happened once a year, each year, for about 20 years now. I’m talking about, of course, the Mirror Lake Jump.

Now, to be clear, this technically isn’t a “university-sanctioned event.” Each year Dr. J (The Vice-President for Student Life) sends out an email to everyone begging, pleading for us not to jump and reminds us all that it isn’t an official event. Ohio State, proving that they don’t condone this, does so by giving us jumping tips, having officers on and just off campus regulating traffic, paramedics on site, and serving hot chocolate in the dorms.

"Each individual jumper gets a free 30-minute massage."


“Each individual jumper gets a free 30-minute massage.”

I, following in the footsteps of alumni before me, promptly disregard all warnings and jump in each and every year. Why do I do it, you ask? Well, hypothetical person that seems to read and respond to all of my questions, despite/in spite of what you may know or have seen from depictions of the event, it’s incredibly fun. The atmosphere is amazing, there is always something new that catches your eyes, and nothing says “I experienced college like jumping into a lake in November (in Ohio).

Go ahead, try to find something that beats this atmosphere. I'll wait.

From my phone.

Go ahead, try to find something that beats this atmosphere. I’ll wait.

This year, I went with my old roommate, who has, somehow, become a Rec Sports star.




From my phone


In case you’re wondering, it wasn’t cold. It was freezing. I jumped in twice. While I do contain several super powers that make me superior being, the ability to withstand cold temperatures is not one of them. I just didn’t hit my threshold after the first jump and decided that, since this was my last year, I didn’t have anything to lose by jumping in again.

Really, it’s one of those things that you think is crazy now, but you’ll look back on it and be glad that you did it. So do I encourage this? Absolutely (Disclaimer, the university itself does not). Go there, jump once, or twice, or as many times as it takes, and have fun.

Or, you could just be a spectator. adfasdf as fdsafas fasfasdfas dfsdf d aera  fdfeasrf  dfa;sjfiopefjp opeij eihfp ee po  op eo

Pictured: Potential designated non-jumpers

From my phone

Pictured: Potential designated non-jumpers

However, do you see that look? That’s not the look of excitement. It’s not the look of fun. It’s not the look of a good-time all-around. No, that’s the look of those who came to watch and wish that they could jump in but something is holding them back. If they were willing to brave the cold weather, they would in there in a heart beat. You may be thinking “dirty water” is their reason, but let’s be honest, since when has un-sanitized water stopped anyone from going into a pond, or a lake, or the  ocean?

I'm sure this is perfectly sanitary


I’m sure this is perfectly sanitary

Now, following my yearly tradition of “Beat M!ch!g@n” posts, I will finish with yet another installment of why Ohio is better than That State Up North:


Lesson Learned: Beat M!ch!g@n!


O-H! I-O!


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  1. Ana says:

    I feel the same way. I’ve jumped every year for four years now and it is one of my absolute favorite Ohio State traditions, even if it technically isn’t. Whatever, it’s awesome.

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