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Mirror Lake Target

 Written by    November 23, 2012

As everyone starts pouring into a shallow pond on South Campus, you begin to wonder: is it really worth it?

Then you shake your head and say “Yes of course, what am I thinking?”

Now I didn’t jump this year because I have a condition known as “chronically prone to getting hypothermia.” I have gotten hypothermia before, once during the summer because I decided to go swimming at night when the water was cool and the air cooler. Don’t laugh. Because even just thinking about it sends a shiver down my spine.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t go and have fun. I met up with a bunch of friends who were jumping. We all went to target, and got what we needed for the night. One of my friends is a senior, so she wanted to jump her last year doing something crazy. So they all tried on onesies to jump in. They ended up not getting any because they were all too big. Actually all of my friends were short so… There weren’t any “girl sized onesies.”

Thats after they scrunched up the feet. Either way, since I wasn’t jumping they found me something to wear as well. I was so convinced that I looked the best, but I decided against getting the outfit because of reasons. Don’t ask me what those reasons are. You should notice that I look fantastic.

One last thing to note before I get the OSU police department knocking on my door: I know I’m wearing a giant M. I know it’s Beat Michigan week. I am an OSU fan from birth, I just honestly grabbed that shirt because it was warm, and didn’t realize that it had an M on it. I apologize. In my defense, it’s from H&M so the M most likely stands for some commercialism propaganda label thing and not the evil state up north. You shouldn’t even be focusing on my shirt. If you are, then you are missing the entirety of the picture. Do you not see the nice pair of jeans I have on?

Please don’t kill me.

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