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    Thanksgiving: Robertson-Style

    By Sierra L. | November 23, 2012

    What do you get when you have thirty hungry people, a fifty pound bag of potatoes, six different pies, two 25lb+ turkeys and only one oven? A Robertson Thanksgiving! My Mom’s older brother loves to cook, and he does amazingly at it. Each year he bakes one turkey (the smaller of the two) and breaks out his grill for the second. Yup, grilled Thanksgiving turkey! Its amazing.

    Family gathers from the Carolinas (like yours truly!) and West Virginia and D.C. and every corner of Pennsylvania to Hershey, PA to savor the spread he lies before us. Thanksgiving doubles as our annual family reunion. Last year when I was at OSU and lacked a car, and had a midterm two days before Thanksgiving, my loving family pooled their air miles to get me here in time for the feast. That’s Thanksgiving Robertson-style.

    My family of ten is camping out at my grandparents’ old house (they moved two weeks ago) with sleeping bags for beds and lawn chairs for furniture.

    Boys’ Room


    Girls’ Room

    Its sad the week here has drawn to a close. Tomorrow morning we bid ma’salam (goodbye in Arabic) to our grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. We’re driving a fifteen passenger van (our family car) home. We took out the back seat to make room for luggage, but its gonna be a tight squeeze anyway. We’re bringing back ten people, their luggage for a week, Christmas gifts, moving gifts, inheritance items, a harp, a Laborador Retriever, a bunny rabbit, food…

    Our Harp

    AND ON TOP OF THAT, we’re picking up one of my friends, another intern at the Logos Theater, who happens to live in PA an hour from my grandparents. Right now we’re picking straws to see who gets to ride home tied to the top of the van! Just kidding :-D


    If you see this van on the road, its probably us!

    My sister commented, “Wow Sierra, I guess you don’t like your friend much to condemn him to a ten hour ride with our brothers.” I think he can handle it though! Its gonna be a fun but interesting ride, and a fitting end to Thanksgiving.

    Me and My Friend After a Production


    Pics 1-2: Aunt Diane

    Pics 3-5: Me

    Pic 6: http://parablesblog.blogspot.com

    Pic 7: Stephen Warren

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