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A Day in the Life

 Written by    November 27, 2012

Searching for inspiration, I noticed the tagline to our homepage. “Ohio State’s admissions web site can only tell you so much. Get the real scoop. Read about the lives of actual Ohio State Buckeyes.” Ok, you really want to know about the life of an actual Ohio State Buckeye? I got just the thing for you. Read along and enjoy, as I present “the real scoop”:

7:20 AM: What the hell was that?! Oh, my alarm. Fantastic. (Snooze).

7:25 AM: What the hell was that?! Oh, my alarm. Fantastic. (Snooze).

7:30 AM: What the hell was that?! Oh, my alarm. Fantastic. Consider snoozing, but decide against it.

7:45 AM: Time to walk to class, boy is it cold. Good thing I wore 4 layers of clothes.

8:00 AM: Why is it so hot in this classroom!? Gotta shed all those layers. Well, maybe just 3 of them.

8:34 AM: Must. Stay. Awake.

8:35 AM: Lose battle to sleep, eyes dose off.

8:45 AM: Wake up with a start, pretend like nothing happened.

9:10 AM: Finally, done with my one class today! Time to go and be productive!

9:25 AM: Arrive back in room, start computer.

9:26 AM: “All right, let’s do some homework!”

9:27 AM: Facebook.

10:51 AM: Tired of Facebook, forgot why I got on the computer, shut computer down.

11:00 AM: I’ve worked hard so far today, I deserve a nap.

1:17 PM: Wake up from nap, feeling more tired than before. I bet food will help me wake up.

1:53 PM: Ugh, PAD pizza was a bad choice.

1:55 PM: I put off homework for a while, probably should start now.

1:56 PM: Facebook.

1:59 PM: Post really clever status about how semesters suck, probably the first person to say that.

2:44 PM: Someone posted funny dog video on Facebook? Gotta watch it!

2:45 PM: Youtube.

3:37 PM: Find myself in the weird part of Youtube, my signal to get off.

3:39 PM: I feel like watching Breaking Bad, I think I’ll do that.

4:22 PM: Holy crap that episode was good, I think I’ll watch one more.

5:04 PM: They can’t leave me hanging there! One more is in order.

5:45 PM: I’m feeling lazy; I think I should go work out or something.

5:50 PM: Walk up and down hallway, friend’s door is open. Yeah, that walk was a good enough work out.

5:52 PM: Show him funny dog video on Youtube, still awesome. Must watch more.

6:28 PM: Debate with friend over who had funnier videos, must be settled with game of Super Smash Bros. (See blog about N64).

7:20 PM: Return to room. Ok for real this time, homework needs to be done.

7:22 PM: Would you look at the time! I need some dinner!

8:03 PM: Ugh, Burritos Noches was a bad choice.

8:07 PM: Sit down in chair, this homework is going down like Lindsey Lohan’s career.

8:08 PM: Hm, room looks pretty dirty. I can’t do homework with a dirty room. Better clean up first.

8:50 PM: Ok that’s better. I’ll start homework as soon as I check how many people liked my really clever Facebook status.

9:58 PM: WOAH! Where did that last hour go?! No really, I have no idea what happened.

9:59 PM: Here we go! Starting the homework! Gonna be all over this homework like cheap cologne on a car salesman.

10:12 PM: One problem done! This is going great! I’ll be done in no time, so it’s no big deal if I relax for a second.

11:16 PM: Not again!! I swear someone keeps changing the clock on me!

11:18 PM: No other way around it, this homework needs to get done…right after I shower. I feel smelly.

11:40 PM: It’s 11:40 PM. AND MICHIGAN STILL SUCKS. Also it’s homework time. If this homework were a steak, I would make it well done.

1:24 AM: Finished homework. I honestly don’t know how professors think we have time to do that.

1:30 AM: Ah sleepy time, wonderful. Going to bed early tonight too, bonus!


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