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Blocks..Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them

 Written by    November 28, 2012

“I don’t have enough blocks for the semester,” said no one ever.

Way back in August I was worried I would run out of meal blocks on my BuckID and not be able to eat by the end of the semester. Turns out I am having the exact opposite problem. I will be on campus for exactly two more weeks this semester and still have 170 blocks each worth $5. (For those of you keeping track, that’s over $800 of money to spend solely on food). I cannot possibly eat that much food by myself so I have had to think creatively about how to spend this money.

  1. Always round up to fill a block. Take advantage of the strategically placed candy, cookies, and granola bars next to the cash registers.
  2. Stock up on food from the C-stores (I live on South campus so I am a frequent customer of the Marketplace C-store).
  3. Buy food for anyone and everyone who does not have a meal plan.
  4. Go to the Blackwell Inn in the Fisher College of Business (Their reservations fill up quickly at the end of the semester…I learned this the hard way)
  5. Bring food home for your friends and family (For example, my friends will be receiving excessive amounts of candy for Christmas from the aforementioned C-store).
  6. Go to the RPAC…not to work off the pounds you’ve put on from all your food but because they have really good pasta, and they take blocks.

Although the blocks are kind of a pain, I can honestly say I have never been hungry on campus, and at the very least, figuring out how many blocks my food will cost has improved my mental math skills.


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  1. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Why thank you, I thought it captured my dilemma nicely. However now we are getting reimbursed for our unused blocks!

  2. Julia S. says:

    Hahaha. I love your first line. 😀

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