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Thanks for Nothing, Immune System

 Written by    November 28, 2012

Take my word for it, getting sick in college is the pits.

During the week before Thanksgiving, I got a kidney infection. And it was quite the experience.

PROS: Utilizing the Student Health Center was convenient and wonderful, I lost weight without having to go to the gym, and I got to spend some quality time with my pillow.

CONS: Almost everything else.

I had been feeling pretty lousy for a while and so I decided to pay a visit to the Student Health Center. (Tip: You can schedule an appointment online OR in person at the center but make sure you do it in advance! They typically don’t see students the same day unless you’re seriously ill. And in that case, just go to the Emergency Room.) I made an appointment for early the next morning (Tip: Best time to go is very early in the morning. No lines!) and drowsily made my way to the SHC. Turns out, I was terribly sick! They pointed me to the pharmacy with a prescription where I waited no more than two minutes for them to fill my medication.

The whole process took me no longer than half an hour which I’ll admit is pretty impressive.

For the next two weeks I was immobile on the floor of my dorm room as my lofted bed was not accessible in my sorry condition. Nestled in my homemade bed of pillows and blankets, I suffered through the intense waves of nausea and pervading sense of vertigo until the storm subsided.

These days, I’m doing my best to avoid illness at all costs and thanking my lucky stars that the two nightmarish weeks are over. If only finals would be in the past as well…

Moral of the story: Take care of yourself in college because it’s no fun to be sick away from home. Trust me.

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