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The first semester ever

 Written by    December 4, 2012

The best way I can think of to describe my first ever semester of college is through analogy:

Every summer I have lived–save two–I have gone to the Outer Banks in North Carolina with my family.  When I was little, I wasn’t so much into playing in the sand as I was into swimming in the ocean (who am I kidding, this is totally still true), but sometimes I would indulge my big brother and build sandcastles with him.

From that experience I know the following: First semester of freshman year was like when you dump a bunch of beach sand into a bucket and then you pound it on the ground and shake the bucket until all the sand inside is even.

We started with a set of traits that I would say are common to most freshmen:

  • confusion
  • disorganization
  • being surrounded by, hanging out with, and living with people we didn’t know very well
  • living mostly without any set identity on this campus

But since we were initially dropped into this OSU bucket we have been slammed onto the ground a few times and shaken up and despite where I started here, the best word I can use to describe how I feel at college now is EVEN.

I have figured out how classes work, how often to do laundry, that joining Ski Team was the second best decision I have ever made (only after my decision to attend the OSU), and that starting out surrounded by 50,000+ people I had never met before was the best opportunity to make friends I will ever have.

Sounding so positive before finals week might be a little preemptive though.  Good luck to everyone living with finals these couple weeks!

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