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More Than What it Seems…

 Written by    December 5, 2012

Since this is my first blog post, I thought I would simply just talk about why I love Ohio State. When I was applying to college, though, I didn’t think that much about it. Sadly, I thought OSU was only about athletics. I didn’t see much beyond this university’s rich tradition in football.

I know that many prospective students are interested in this school and might be feeling the same way I did a year ago. So, hopefully, by the end of this post, future Buckeyes will know that Ohio State is much more than what it seems. To further understand the possibilities of this place, I will let you know about my own experience.

You’ve probably heard that OSU has over 1,000 student organizations. Yet, I’ve only joined¬†one my first year. As a Nutrition major with a pre-med focus, my interests lie in global nutrition and public health. I joined a club called Project Nicaragua, whose mission encompassed my interests very well. I wanted to devote my time to a cause I cared about, and I would give this advise to any student about to attend college.

From this experience, I realized what OSU has to offer. I was afraid of joining the club because I was a freshman and would have to talk to upperclassmen, but I have met incredible people and discovered my future goals.

Project Nicaragua has had students attend the Clinton Global Initiative where students present research proposals about humanitarian efforts. These students from across the country meet famous leaders, such as President Clinton. Ohio State has this sort of opportunity. I never would have known that before coming here.

And this is just one small aspect of OSU. You can imagine how much more is out there.

Overall, Ohio State is a place beyond what outside people might say. It is more than football and it is more than just the biggest university in Ohio. Ohio State has football and a large campus, but it also has endless opportunities and unique traditions interwoven into everyday life. I encourage students who are applying to colleges to find students who go here and ask about their experiences. Most students would probably not talk about football or how large the campus is. They most likely will talk about the incredible experiences they have had because of this university.

And for those who might not like the strong association Ohio State has with football, that’s okay. Even if you don’t like football or sports, linking arms with random strangers and singing “Carmen, Ohio,” with the vast majority of the student body, I guarantee, will make you love this place even more.¬†

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