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Reflections at Mirror Lake

 Written by    December 4, 2012

Today is unseasonably warm. You would never guess that it’s three weeks before Christmas. That also means it’s the end of the semester and time for finals. Winter break is nearly here, and I wonder what campus will be like during the next few weeks.

Already I’m receiving all the e-mails from clubs announcing their winter hiatus and their Christmas parties. It certainly is the end of something right now, though you just wouldn’t guess at that by today’s weather.

So, I feel torn. I love it here at Ohio State. I love the campus. I love how I feel when I’m walking through campus. I don’t want to see the campus bare and empty, ’cause it’s not really the campus that makes up Ohio State, it’s the people in it. And though I don’t know everybody I see on campus, I feel akin to them simply by the virtue that we are here together. We are home together. We are experiencing the here and now together. And I’ll miss that a bit.

Mirror Lake

So during the next few weeks maybe I spend a night walking through an empty campus and let the last semester catch up with me, but I’ll also think about the future, my future here. I want to be a part of this, but when do you know that you are?

This is my first semester and I already don’t want this to end. It’s a nice thing in life, to know that you have something good while you have it…


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  1. I love to walk the University of Kansas Campus at night. It is built on a rolling hill and the hedges and shrubs offer company. It is especially pleastant during the summer after a rain. The night talks with drops and drips. Very nice.

    Good luck next semester.

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