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The early bird catches the worm… except I was not early, and I am not a bird

 Written by    January 23, 2013

Hello, Ohio State students and parents and friends and strangers and those who do not attend Ohio State never did, nor plan to! I was intended to have written this post a very long time ago, except that I didn’t.

For reasons–some in my control, some out of my control–my first blog post was delayed. And I prolonged my initial post for an even further amount of time due to other circumstances–like finals, winter break, and not being sure what I was going to write about. After all, it was, and is, my first post; I have to make it represent me in some way, am I right?

Okay, at least I think I am.

As I came to terms with what I would write about, I considered succumbing to the oh-so-cliche-“I’m an out of stater and  I got to return home for the first time and it felt so awesome” post, but then I realized that there was an easier way to decide my first blog post topic. Rather than spending a very large amount of my gloriously homework-packed second semester thinking about it, I could succumb to the out-of-stater-going-home post.

And succumb, I shall.


Well, to begin with, I held three preconceptions about returning home for the first time:

  1. It would consist of nothing but several awkward “Oh hey, how’s school? Awesome? Cool! *awkward silence*” encounters with old friends.
  2. My family, my mom especially, would not understand that I am an independent, young woman on her own living the college life, and is subject to change, hopefully, in a positive way.
  3. I would spend most of my winter break losing the war against Netflix, thereby becoming its slave, catching up on Gossip Girl, Lost, and Doctor Who episodes that I had ignored during my first semester as a college freshman.

Only one of those preconceptions was true, and I’m sure you can all guess which one. And if you cannot, it was third. I left the house maybe two times: once to pick up my brother from school and catch up with old teachers and friends and the other to reluctantly drive to numerous stores and run errands for my mother. Which, sidebar, driving is extremely foreign and weird. Not driving for four months and then hopping behind the wheel the day after you return home? I don’t recommend it.

Returning back to my point, it surprised me that my first two assumptions on returning home turned out to be, as Dwight K. Schrute from NBC’s The Office would say, “false”. When I had the pleasure of seeing several of my high school mates, feelings of memory and happiness flooded my body and it was almost as if none of us had never gone to college, or stopped talking to one another. It was nice.

Also, to my surprise, I have to say my family changed more than I have. And not so much personality-wise or mentally, but physically. I assumed that I would be the only one changing, seeing as I moved 2165 miles ( 3484 kilometers, courtesy of distancebetweencities.net) across the United States of America (California to Ohio). One, that is a very large distance and, two, it gives me a lot of time to change taking into consideration I definitely don’t return home as often as the in-state buckeyes do.

So, that is that, and all I can say is that it was extremely nice to be home and I miss it. It felt warm, if that even makes sense in the slightest.

For other buckeyes and future buckeyes who might happen to accidentally come across this blog post, my advice to you is:

  1. Do not assume that your family members aren’t human. They do have lives outside of missing you and living in your royal existence; they’re allowed to change. It doesn’t matter how blessed your parents are to have a child like you.
  2. Don’t forget your friends, and people other than your family, who are important to you. They might seem easy to forget but the time away from them, I would say, is just enough to miss them and remember why they were important in the first place.

And lastly,

  1. Netflix. Just Netflix.

Oh, even though the holidays have already passed, and we have entered into a new year, don’t forget about funny, holiday SNL skits (yes, I am copying my fellow buckeye blogger, Jack).

And while I am bringing this blog post to a close, let us briefly acknowledge my not-so-lovely attempt at a creative, yet random, blog title. Happy belated holidays and New Year, everyone!

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  1. wish there were more articles same as this one on the internet.

  2. OnlyBlog says:

    thank you for this interesting good article!

  3. Lauren Lauren says:

    Thanks Rachel! Your criticism really means a lot!

    Oh, and I am absolutely in love with Gossip Girl! I’m on the last season.

    Have a nice day!

  4. Rachel Tise says:

    Great post! I thoroughly enjoy your writing style! Keep up the greaaaaaat work!

    I highly recommend checking out Gossip Girl on Netflix!

  5. Rachel Tise says:

    This is an awesome blog post! I thoroughly enjoy your writing style! Keep up the great work!

    I highly suggest you check out Gossip Girl on Netflix!

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