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Science is FUN!

 Written by    December 28, 2012

My family spent yesterday at the Discovery Center, a really awesome science museum for kids here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our grandparents got us a family membership last year, so we were getting in one last trip before it expires. We got to do all kinds of awesome sciencey things today! Like build molecular structures,

and defy gravity,

and play with fire and liquid nitrogen, and pet boa constrictors and see tarantulas,

and dance on light-sensitive musical floors, and play with infrared cameras,

and defy gravity with an air-powered lift,

and design a house floor plan! And we also learned lots of cool facts.

Cool Facts Learned Today:

If you put a burning stick in the freezer, the fire will go out. Fires are made of three things: heat, fuel, and oxygen, so if you remove one the fire goes out.

Magnesium makes the shiny white flashes in fireworks, strontium chloride makes fireworks red, and copper chloride makes them green! So next Fourth of July, you don’t have to just say “Ooohhh!!! Aaahhhh!!” You can say, “Oooh, strontium chloride!” And impress all your friends. Or make them think you’re a nerd. Whatever.

Octopi can survive outside of water as long as they stay wet. And they can squeeze through teeny tiny holes in the top of their aquarium lid when everything is closed at night, crawl down the wall, crawl up another wall and into a fish tank, steal the fish, and crawl back to their own tank, where they eat their still-living snacks! Except… when they dry out on their way home.Then they have to be scraped off the floor with a spatula the next morning.

The biggest, toughest Clown Fish in the school is always a girl. And if something happens to her, the next biggest fish in the school becomes the new leader, and if it was a boy, it changes its sex to a girl. So yes, if Finding Nemo was scientifically accurate, when Nemo’s mommy died, Marlin would have become Marlina.

Little fish at aquariums fight over shells.  They wait til the other isn’t looking, then they steal their shells and bring them back to their own holes. No, really, they do! I have pictures to prove it!

“Ooh, he’s not looking, I’m gonna steal a shell!”

“He’s still not looking! I’m gonna take this pretty green one!”

“Haha I’m fast, you can’t stop me! Niah niah!!”

“Look here, you twerp, that’s mine and you can’t  have it!”

“Waahh he stole all my shells! Not fair!”

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