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A Night Walk Through Campus

 Written by    December 29, 2012

University Hall

This night with its near full moon casts an eerie glow through the wispy clouds onto the snow blanketed campus. What little light does penetrate the steel gray sky bounces off the snow and back into the sky and on and on. What is left is a ghostly campus made all the more ghostly by its absolute stillness and emptiness. The falling snow rests on every branch of every tree reflecting the moon and giving life once again to these trees in the dead of winter.

Thompson Library

It seems most everybody else is gone. I only see a few other people out tonight whose presence, along with mine, only serves to highlight and contrast the quietude of campus.

Mirror Lake

Earlier tonight, I ate dinner at Adriatico’s and before that I went to the Annie Leibovitz exhibit at the Wexner Center. At both locations, I noticed a large amount of alumni which seemed fitting, as if they had spent their holidays with their family and came here to visit their other family, their other home, as I’m sure I will do years from now. For many of us, this marks the end of our first year at OSU. For many others, it marks their last. Thankfully I count myself among the first.


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    I love this post! Great photos 🙂

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