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My Top Things of the Year: College Student Edition

 Written by    December 30, 2012

Since it’s the end of the year, I thought I’d do something different, which is to say what everyone else is doing. But look on the bright side, it’s all about me!



Song of the Week=Pink Matter by Frank Ocean

Random=Sloppy Joe


It seems like, around this time of the year, everyone has their “end of the year countdown.” However, surprisingly, no one here has done so yet (at least that I can remember. Therefore, I will do my own except, being a college student, it will revolve around my college experience. Enjoy!


Course of the Year – History 323.02 – (African American History From Emancipation to the Present)  


I can not begin to tell you how indifferent I was when I first signed up for this class. For starters, my previous history class wasn’t as interesting as I thought it was (modern Latin American History). Also, what can they I reallylearn from this course? Haven’t I learned everything?




Prove me wrong!

Turns out, a lot. The difference was in the professor. That’s right, above all things I learned this course, the most important thing that I learned in this course is what a difference a good professor can make. This particular professor was passionate about the course and it really showed. Not only that, but he also incorporated many different teaching styles—lecture, video, music; different testing styles—multiple choice, short answer, essay; and even quiz styles—multiple choice, debate.

Those debates, by the way, were really good. You can learn all day long about the tough choices that had to be made. Actually arguing it really puts you in their shoes and may even change your opinion. I’d honestly recommend this class to everyone, if only because of how important it is.

Lecture of the Year – Communication 637 – Public Communication Campaigns

I know this title isn’t very specific, but bear with me here. I can’t remember which lecture in particular it was, but, while probably being a series of lectures, it had to do with businesses/corporations/institutions and the tricks they use to sway either public opinion or action. It was at this moment that I decided that this was not exactly what I wanted to do with my life.


Well, back to this thing

But while I want my time spent making a positive impact on others, there’s still ways I can do both. Still, college is all about learning about life and about yourself. No other course taught me more about myself this year than this course did.

Meal of the Year – Small Hungry Howies Sausage Pizza

As a college student, there are two things that you want from food—now and, most importantly cheap because when it comes to getting food as a college student, there are two types of people in this world: those who want to save money on food and Michael. It’s only a matter of time before everyone in the first category resorts to one food: Pizza.


Sponsored by every college student ever

This is how my day usually goes: I wake up, go to classes, go to work, and probably go to another job. In between that time, I very rarely go out to lunch. It is even more rare that I actually pack something. Therefore, this year, I resorted to calling Hungry Howies and ordering pizza. It cost me only five bucks. I had no other options.

Song of the Year – Oldie by OFWGKTA

When writing this, I was going to pick Yonkers for introducing me into OFWGKTA, but I wanted to keep it to this year and  the Camp album by Childish Gambino actually came out last year. So, that being said this song features every big name of the O.F and even included Earl Sweatshirt. If none of this makes any sense to you, it may never. Don’t worry, a lot of what I say doesn’t make to people. That’s why I write things down.



In college you’ll probably be exposed to all different types of music. The good thing is that Columbus is a pretty big city so a lot of music comes here. I got to see both Childish Gambino and Odd Future in concert. Best two concerts of my life.

Movie of the Year – Django Unchained

I cannot begin to tell you how close I was to putting down The Avengers for this list for not only meeting, but exceeding expectations. After seeing Django Unchained the other day, I was still going to put Avengers down. However, being the trivia addict I am, I found that Django has created a lot of controversy. A lot of it.


This man? Controversy? I am appalled!

It is that kind of controversy that made this movie my top of the year. Not because I like controversy—on the contrary. I usually hate the use of the term and feel that most things defined as controversy is both unearned and not worthy of anyone’s time. Kind of like when people post statuses on Facebook asking for likes.

This movie on the other hand is the opposite. It not only raises a lot of questions (when does a film cross the line with offense words? What is okay to laugh at? will Christoph Waltz ever play a different role in a Tarantino film?), but also challenges us as viewers to think about these questions and decide, on our own, what is okay and what’s not. Does Tarantino being white change anything? Is it okay to turn any depiction of slavery into a western? Was the run time in this movie too long? Once you have done that, you have officially crossed the line from pop culture to high culture in my book.

Blog of the Year – 5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Climbing Outdoors

What? You thought this blog was going to be about things other than me personally? Well, I have news for you, this is my blog and I will include whatever I see fit and there’s nothing you can do about it and I’m not even going to bother adding commas to separate all of those and which will make this one extremely long run-on sentence.


Why yes, I am an evil genius. Thanks for asking.

Now that I have that cleared up, let’s talk about this entry. Not only does this particular blog post sum up what I like about this year—rock climbing—but it also shows what I do well blogging wise: lists, pictures, jokes, videos, talk about myself. You know, the usual. It also shares the college experience since going outside of your comfort zone is part of it.

Video of the Year – Operation Soap and Water (With Deodorant)

Fun Fact: I actually directed two videos this year. One was for my Portuguese Film class which I don’t actually own a copy of (go figure), and the other which I also edited for a camp I help facilitate over the summer. I’m not going to lie, I just wanted to add a video into this. Enjoy!

Lesson Learned: Own your year!


O-H! I-O!

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