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Post-Christmas Letdowns: A Small Saga of Hope

 Written by    December 28, 2012

Those couple days after Christmas are just….blah. Some people call it post-holiday blues, but that sounds much too severe. I think it’s pretty common, actually. Some great and totally awesome event just happened and now it’s over and you’re kind of wondering what exactly to do next, since all your time before was spent preparing for or being excited for or thinking about said event.My sister uses this time to go hit after-Christmas sales, but I’m still too full of Christmas cookies and not patient enough to deal with the lines and the endless search for a parking space. I look at the Christmas tree and think, Well, is it time to take you down? but that feels much too Scrooge-y. Even if Christmas Day is over, the tree is still pretty. So are the lights and the stockings. I can see why some people don’t take this stuff down until February.

And I mope for a few days. Christmas is over. I look forward to it for months and then it’s over just like that. It’s a little sad, honestly. At least there’s New Year’s, I think. But then I have to take a step back and remind myself that I’m being ridiculous. Why is this one day of the year so revered? Why can’t every day be a little more like Christmas? Is there really anything from preventing us to be as excited (or even half as excited) about our daily lives as we are about Christmas?

It’s absolutely crazy to partition out joy. There’s no reason that we can’t be as happy as we are on Christmas on the other 364 days of the year–and that’s something to keep in mind as a new year comes upon us.

Wishing you good health and good cheer in 2013!

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