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New Year, Same me. (More or Less)

 Written by    January 2, 2013

So it has been a LONG time since I posted. I apologize for that, I was taking honors biology and organic chemistry lecture and lab. And surprisingly I did well in everything. So first news, which is super surprising, I’m…..


……questioning my entire life’s plan. Originally I had all intents to become a neurosurgeon after graduating medical school, but i’m questioning that path for several reasons. So right now, I am heavily considering attending graduate school for psychology and going for a Ph.D.  *gasp* Yeah I know, its pretty major! (get it? because psychology is my major….) Anyways, I’ll be referring to this semester as my “soul searching-mester.” Pretty catchy right? Because I’m trying to experience everything the university has to offer instead of just major classes. I’m trying several opportunities on campus that I’ll surprise you guys with as the semester goes on.

Such as…. I’m participating in Buckeyethon this year!!! (I’ll explain that in a separate post.) And I’m rushing! So i’ll be checking out several fraternities on campus and seeing how greek life is. This semester will be a lot of opportunities for me to find things that I normally would not have time for. So be excited!

And oh yeah, for those seniors in high school thinking about attending THE Ohio State University, drop by for  visit and see what all the excitement is about. And after you’ve received your acceptance letter, you might even get a call from me since I start my work as a telecounselor next week. Until next time…


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  1. Kapil says:

    Good luck with the soul searching-mester. I’ll be doing a lot of the same.

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