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Campus Winter Wonderland

 Written by    January 4, 2013

Need some help kicking the last of your post-holiday ennui? Maybe this will help…

Orton Hall

Columbus native, Buckeye, excellent photographer, and redditor Buckeye70 took some beautiful pictures of campus over the holidays to the collective betterment of us all. The complete set of seventeen photos can be found here.

William Oxley Thompson Statue

I’m sure he would love some feedback if you like them, just comment here or the original post on reddit. And of course (at the photographer’s request) please use these for personal use only.

Mirror Lake

He also has a set of equally gorgeous pictures of the Ohio Stadium and RPAC taken during the summer.

Enjoy!! And thanks Buckeye70!!!


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  1. Julia S. says:

    These are so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

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