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Back From Break In One Piece

 Written by    January 7, 2013

It’s good to be back on campus, seeing all my friends again and getting back into the regular grind of class. But I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have an absolute blast over Christmas break.

In particular, my last four days were extremely fun. My family went on a ski trip to Holiday Valley, New York, along with two other families that are close friends.

Between the antics of our parents (who enjoyed the opportunity to take a break from being socially acceptable, responsible adults), my brother’s Stooges-esque wipeouts, and the beautiful winter scenery, it was a great trip.

Here are some highlights and pictures that I think are worth sharing.

Blue skies, crisp mountain air, and a fresh layer of powder

No caption needed for this picture


Some of the gang (I’m taking the picture)


This restaurant literally had a Christmas tree on the ceiling. Sweet.


As you can see, we were blessed with great weather for snowboarding. So we took full advantage and “shredded the gnar” (as some of the more avid boarders might say).

Some of the highlights:

  • My brother lost control and slid headfirst under a fence that marked the boundary of the trail. He ended up sliding down a steep slope under a ski lift, much to the enjoyment of its riders and myself.
  • I did “the worm” in a large patch of snowy ice that was next to the  heated outdoor pool… wearing nothing but my swim trunks. Think you can handle the cold? Get at me, bro.
  • My brother, our friend, and I (all of whom would be considered subpar snowboarders) repeatedly rode through the woods, rather than on the designated trails. Our more-skilled friends led the way, weaving through the trees and fallen logs, and we attempted to follow which led to some hysterical wipeouts and some minor bruising. All in good fun though.
  • I finally got to see Million Dollar Baby on the ride home, which was a great movie. Also I saw Bourne Legacy which was also petty good.

It’s sort of disappointing to go from the beautiful snowy pine forests of northern New York back to the slushy, messy winter here in Ohio, but hey, I’m at Ohio State, so I really shouldn’t be complaining.

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