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A new semester begins

 Written by    January 9, 2013

For the new semester, I set out a goal to take care of myself more by eating healthier and working out.

I know some others might have made similar goals, trying to start the new semester differently than the first one.

I personally went to the RPAC Monday morning at 7 am to participate in Express Cycle.

I usually hate working out, but I choose group fitness classes because then I can’t decide to quit right in the middle of it.

At first, I dreaded the class that morning, but after the hour was up, I felt ready to  conquer the day.

So, my advice to you. Try a class at the RPAC or try a new workout machine. The RPAC has tons of resources available and we already pay to keep up the facility. So we might as well use them.

As far as eating healthier…well I’m still working on that. Good luck to all those out there and I hope the new semester goes well!

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