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Judging my Classes After One Session Each

 Written by    January 9, 2013

I will prove that I know everything there is to make a well-informed, educated prediction from just the syllabi.




Song of the Week=212 by Azealia Banks




The first week of your classes all go the same: you spend weeks or months (depending how early you schedule) wondering how your classes are going to be, you tell yourself you can do it, then, during the first class, you get the syllabi and instantly start to panic.


As of today, I have been to all of my classes at least once (save for a lab which is cancelled the first week normally). After spending the last three and a half hours in front of a mirror trying to calm myself down, I am finally able to give a clear and 100% accurate opinion of what’s going to happen.





If your guess was “going to class,” then you win!

EDUPAES 2270.02 – Seminar: Personal Growth to Increase Career Competencies

Fun fact, I only had one required class for me to take this semester. The rest was about me taking whatever I please and getting enough credit hours to qualify as a full-time student. I have officially won college. It’s like when you’re bowling and only need to knock over one pin so you roll it granny style.

That being said, once I graduate I’ll have to be an adult and do things like work and watch Jay Leno, or whatever it is that adults are doing nowadays (complaining about music?). With any luck, this course will teach me all there is to know about getting a job. Juicy, juicy secrets. I’ll just need to show up and make sure I catch the important stuff.


“Oh yes, we’ll get to that… in week 13.”

COMM 3163Communication Industry Research Methods

Fun fact part 2: This is the required class I needed to take. I thought I would have known everything that there is to knwo about this class from the title, but then we spent the entire first lecture talking about canned tomatoes vs. not-canned tomatoes which really confused me. Somewhere along the way there was Dr. Seuss and an ad for some red product.


Pic related… somehow.

That all being said, the professor did say something about research so I guess I’ll be writing a bunch of short papers on things I’ll pretend to know inside and out.

English 4591.01H – Honors Special Topics Seminar in the Study of Creative Writing

Hey, did anyone notice how there was an H at the end of that course number? It means that this is an honors course although the only thing I can see that makes this any harder than other courses is that you lose an entire letter grade per unexcused absence or tardiness, which is kind of like getting thrown in jail whether you break into someone’s house or jaywalk.


“The sign said TWO HOUR PARKING!”

Apparently, this class focuses specifically on the “I” as a narrator which is a really broad focus but better than “Pantomimes in Seattle” so I’m not going to complain. Just like my last poetry class, I’m just going to need to write a poem each week and spend an entire day at the end of the semester revising them.

English 4578Studies in Film

If you’ve ever needed an example of a misleading title, this right here is a good example. This is less “studies in film” and more “studies of a particular genre. Or Director. Whatever we feel like, really.” In this case we’re taking the plays of Thomas “Tennessee” Williams and comparing them to their film adaptations. So I guess this is less of a film class and more of a theater adaptation class.


Remember how you had to read this in High School? Let’s do that again!

To be fair, we do get to actually watch the films, but we have to read the entire play first. This class will be, by far, the toughest course I take. Man, I am really bad at picking classes.

Fun Fact #3: Taylor is actually in this class which meas if she says anything about this class  different from me DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING SHE SAYS! IT’S ALL LIES! EVERYTHING WAS AN INSIDE JOB! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!


O-H! I-O!

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