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First Week Blues (but only kind of)

 Written by    January 10, 2013

Yeah, I’ll just never like the first week of any academic term.  Everything’s all unfamiliar still and you haven’t settled into a schedule yet.  I’ve been listening to my pump-up song all week to stay motivated:



Also, I have a problem calling it spring semester (at least currently) when it’s January and there are copious amounts of snow on the ground.  Oh well.


I can’t complain about my class load though:


Economics 4597.01  (Issues of the Underground Economy)-  I’m in love with this class.  Quite literally, in love.  To quote my professor, “Supply and demand is sexy.”  In my opinion, everyone should take an econ class in college.  I get unnecessarily excited when I meet economics majors. But seriously, it’s really interesting, like pirates and black markets and drugs and stuff.  Today we talked about the iron law of prohibition. That is, by prohibiting something, the more potent the illegal substance becomes.  For example, during the alcohol prohibition of the 1920s, people weren’t filling up on beer and wine, but hard liquor. For bootleggers, there was more bang for their buck that way, as far as production and shipping goes.


Psychology 3331H (Abnormal Psychology)-  This class is pretty fascinating so far too.  Let’s be honest though, how can abnormal psychology be boring?


Spanish 4610 (Contrastive Structures of Spanish & English)-  I totally forgot my major when I walked into this class yesterday.  Our professor started speaking Spanish, you know, as we do, but I was so confused and frankly surprised, before I remembered that that’s kind of how foreign language classes work.  I was also momentarily terrified when our professor said we were going to do “Introducciones!”  My introduction went fine though, so I guess I can still feign some sort of semblance of Spanish.  This is what I get for leaving Spain.  Really though, it’s okay.  I just need to get my Spanish swag back after not using it at all over break.  I’m probably never going to use ‘swag’ again in any future blog post, so let’s all relish the moment.


Anthropology 2200H (Introduction to Physical Anthropology)-  Basically, I’m just happy to be taking this class as part of my science sequence instead of Biology 1113, which ate me alive.  By which I mean I failed the first midterm (I saw it coming) and then withdrew (also saw it coming).  Best decision of my life, though.  Biology majors, I respect you.


Rude Awakening:  Apparently pillow pets are a college staple now.  I think 80% of the people on my floor have one.  This includes me.  I have the unicorn, courtesy of my sister.  There’s a ton of Brutuses too, naturally:


I am a big Brutus fan, but these creep me out.


Pleasant Surprise: I’m getting really, really into Bob Dylan.


In firm friendship,


Julia Rose S.

Photo:  http://www.fansedge.com/Ohio-State-Buckeyes-Brutus-with-O-Logo-Pillow-Pet-_-536426965_PD.html

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