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Round 2

 Written by    January 23, 2013

Hello everybody!  Its the third week of the semester, and boy am I tired.  Between classes, spending time with friends, and adjusting to my first winter in Ohio among other things, I’ve been pretty preoccupied lately.  Luckily, I’m able to find time to write!

p The view from my dorm during move-in week

The view on the first day of spring semester!

As you can see, OSU looks and feels a lot different from when I first arrived.  Even though the snow has melted at this point, it was a great feeling being on a  snow-covered campus for a few days.  It’s still only January, so while some Ohio natives may disagree, I’m hoping we see snowfall again soon!  Snow hasn’t been the only new thing I’ve experienced this semester though; my class schedule feels completely different from last semester’s.  Instead of having late starts and nights, I have to wake up early for my Spanish class and I finish with Math all before 3p.m. with breaks in between on some days.  Having survived a semester, I made my schedule in a way that I felt would benefit me the most.  Now that I’ve had some time to resettle and readjust, its time for me to start making moves!  I set goals for my classes after reading the syllabi and I’ve tried to make a personal schedule.  One thing I want to do is join a club/organization this semester!  I wanted to do it during the Fall, but I never got around to.  I checked out the Winter Involvement Fair at the Union last week, and think I’ve found some cool stuff I want to check out.  With all that said, I hope everyone’s had a great start to Ohio State’s first ever Spring Semester!

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