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    The Olympics, and democracy, and togas, and Euripides, and what?

    By Cameron | January 16, 2013

    So we all know those games we played when we were younger (or I still do today), where you’re given a couple of words and you have to figure out what they all have to do with each other. So if you’re as rusty as I was, then I’ll try to give you more of a subtle hint.

    What is that place anyway?

    Its Greece! Well not really… It’s a map of where the Greek language spread while it was popular. And now you may be having more questions than you had answered.

    Well….I’m going Greek!!

    I literally just got my first bid from a fraternity on campus yesterday. And I’m so excited!!

    Not a lot of people knew I was rushing–even though I threw out subtle jokes over the last semester and during winter break. But I finally did it, and it is amazing! I’ve met a lot of cool people, and it seems like a different college experience that I never thought about. Even though I’m not sure where I’ll be right now, I’m just really excited to find a brotherhood that’s super close.

    I thought about Greek life in passing last year but its finally come to 2013 for me to finally go through with it. Even though only 6-7% of Ohio State Students are part of the Greek system, that’s still a pretty large portion of students since there’s 40,000+ undergraduate students on the Columbus campus alone. 

    Here are some more facts I’ve found:

    So its safe to say that I’ve found some interesting figures. Its a community that most people aren’t exposed to and I’m pretty excited about what its going to lead to. I’ll keep you updated on what happens!

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    One Response to “The Olympics, and democracy, and togas, and Euripides, and what?”

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