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 Written by    January 21, 2013

I remember this in my Craft of Acting class that I took last year: “To Observe is to disturb.” I love photography, but in some ways I feel that by capturing a moment, you also kind of ruin it. I have to decide whether a moment is something that I’d enjoy, or photograph (otherwise I’d have wayyyyy more photos). Taking pictures for me is like brainstorming. You just keep taking them, without judgment. Take another angle, think about another composition, and then keep going. It isn’t until later that you actually go among them and pick and choose.

Now in my last post, I talked about raising money for Buckeyethon, a dance marathon on campus organized to raise money to support Nationwide Children’s Miracle Network Hospital…



Now, I always feel weird just asking people for money. So instead, I make a trade. For every $10 donation to my buckeyethon donor’s page, I will print an 8×10 (or equally satisfying size, based on the picture itself), of a picture of you choosing from my flickr page.

I’ve recently uploaded a lot of new photos from this year in Ohio (OSU football, fireworks from Red white and boom,  and some photos from the park of roses), and my flickr page features a lot of photos as well as some of my drawings/paintings from my design portfolio (that I used to get into that school up north’s design program, before I turned them down ;p ). I also have some other pictures from my travels to various places around the world of just interesting things that I think are cool (of course not all of them are of printable quality, but there’s still something fun about them).

Note: for the Football pictures: They were taken from the south stands with a camera capable of 36x zoom (which makes the picture of the Cal mascot that much more impressive since it was all the way across the stadium…)


So if anything else, enjoy 😉

(flickr page link is above).






(all photos are my own 😉   )

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