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Atoms, Compounds, and Sig Figs! Oh my!

 Written by    January 24, 2013

Okay. So can we just all acknowledge the fact that life can honestly suck when you are enrolled in Chemistry 1210?

Well, not really suck, but it really can put a downer on your existence. Mind you, I am being extremely dramatic considering I procrastinated until the very last day possible to finish my gargantuan pile of homework and tasks I have for that class; not to mention, I slept in until 3 o’clock in the afternoon on this fine day of honoring Martin Luther King Jr. My point is, I need to get it together.

Before I enrolled in Chem 1210, I would hear endless stories of other students’ pain and suffering while in that class. The semester has just started and I am already prepared to quit. I have tons of small insignificant assignments that need completing: A good amount of reading to do, lots of practice problems to complete, and quizzes to study for.

But then I thought this over, and I asked my self, “Dude. Are you even remotely working on these things?”, and the answer was, “Um…”.

This is where I go wrong: I sit and complain about Chemistry 1210, or Math 1151, but I either don’t put any time in at all or I don’t put in enough. If I were to work hard in those difficult classes, with the different perspective of “Oh hey, I actually want to learn in this class, even though I have to take it for my major,” I feel like I be better off in college, in regards to academics.

Even though I feel like giving up on the class, which is sad considering the semester started two weeks ago, I will not. After all, when you think about it, it’s just a class. Regardless of how hard or easy it is, it’s simply just one class–of many that I will take.

So to my fellow peers, incoming freshmen, current freshmen, and anyone else stumbling upon this post, don’t feel discouraged about a “harder” class. Put the time in and everything WILL be okay.


Unless the department of your class, aka Chemistry, is on probation (or at least I have heard they are). In that case, you might want to be a little fearful.

Good luck to all of the college students who are experiencing “the struggle” of that “harder” class, and cheers to everyone else!

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  1. Lauren Lauren says:

    Man and van hire: No problem, I’m glad! I hope this helps you, even in the smallest way!

  2. Lauren Lauren says:

    Thanks nightlifelondon73, it really is. I hope that you’re outstanding as well!

  3. You may have opened my eyes now with this thx

  4. Congratulations mate that’s outstanding

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