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Week Three: A Summary

 Written by    January 22, 2013

The first few weeks of the new year always go by really quickly for me since I’ve come to college. For one thing, the hectic craziness that is sorority recruitment takes up the first two weekends of the term for me. For another, there’s the difficulty of getting into a new routine, with different classes, work schedules, professors, etc–and that’s something that everyone has to deal with.

Now that my sorority has invited 46 new beautiful, intelligent young women to join our sisterhood, my schedule is somewhat less packed, which is a good thing, especially since I’ve recently developed an absolutely wonderful head cold. I was a recruitment guide this year, meaning I disaffiliated from my chapter (kept which chapter I was in a secret, basically) to help the women going through recruitment make the best decisions for themselves. My fellow recruitment guides and I asked them daily to examine their own values and goals through personal reflection, and to use that as a compass to help them find the right chapter for them. It involved many long hours and it was exhausting, but it was worth it to see the joy on their faces on Bid Day–they found a second home here, just as I did two years ago.

As far as classes go, I am taking four classes, but one is an internship, so I’m technically only in a classroom for three of my courses.

English 2260: Introduction to Poetry. I love English and writing (clearly) and have taken a lot of those classes, but never one about poetry.So this is really a whole new experience for me, learning how to read and interpret and have opinions on poetry. So far I’ve really enjoyed it, and our class even has a blog about how poetry is involved in our daily lives. Everyone is required to post at least five times during the semester. You can check it out here: http://poetryinpublic.wordpress.com. My one post so far is entitled “Literary Tattoos”.

History of Art 5312: Art and Archaeology in Classical Greece. This class is intense but I’m really liking it. I took a History of Art class (Ancient to Renaissance) with Professor Fullerton last semester, and this particular period in ancient Greek art is fascinating. However, most of the people in the class are History of Art majors, and I think there’s even a graduate student in the mix. Having only taken one History of Art class before, I feel like I’ll have to work a little harder to keep up with the rest of the class because they have had more exposure to the material in the past, but since the subject matter really interests me, I’m up for the challenge.

Sociology 3410H: Criminology. THIS CLASS IS AWESOME. The instructor, Dr. Gray, is a criminologist and also has a firm in which she, and I think other experts too, are consultants for attorneys in criminal cases. Her stories are crazy! It makes me surer than ever that I want to go to law school.

As for my internship, I’m working at the Center for Slavic and East European Studies. It’s in Oxley Hall, along with many other area studies departments. I just started, but so far I have already helped update the Center’s database and student files, and done some research for the Center’s director, Dr. Hashamova, a professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures. She had me do some research for her on Bulgarian citizens’ reactions to recent events there involving their minority populations and public policy. So far it’s been a great experience. In February there will be a Midwest Slavic Conference that I’ll be helping with, too.

Hope everyone’s semester has been off to a great start. Stay warm out there!

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