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Lack of sight

 Written by    January 25, 2013

It’s been more than two months since I left my glasses at my friend’s dorm at Capitol University. My glasses are the only eyesight-correction devices I own, so it’s basically been two months since the last time I saw something clearly that was more than ten feet away, which of course has resulted in a few embarrassing moments.

Granted, Lizzy’s dorm is only an hour busride from here, which in COTA-time means that Capitol is less than ten miles from OSU but we’ve had a really hard time figuring out a day when we were both free to hangout and for me to get my sight back.

I literally have no idea exactly what any of my professors look like*, whether someone is waving to me or the person behind me (and for that matter, whether I even know that person) or whether any guy I see is cute/babely**.

So that’s something amusing that’s been happening in my life. I would recommend figuring out your vision problems before college and always having a backup pair in case you’re an airhead like me.

But the reason I’m talking about this is because I’m going home Saturday and so is Lizzy and I will finally be able to see again! I have honestly not been this excited about my sight probably since the first time I openend my eyes when I was a little bitty baby.

I’m so wildly excited to go home and see my family too though.  Sometimes going home just feels unnecessary but this time I feel like a night in my own bed and a home cooked dinner is exactly what I need– it’s been a tough week here.

Also, announcement: OSU Ski Team will be showing off our competitive side tomorrow at Snow Trails in Mansfield (I will be there!) so on the off chance that you are interested in Ski Team/read this blog/live near Mansfield it would be way dope of you to come out and see us. Feel free to facebook message me if you somehow magically are interested in going tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice!

Books read: one! I read a book!

Song of the post: Yesterday by Atmosphere.  The piano in this song is just so sassy I love it so much.

*however if I squint hard enough, I can usually read the notes are so that’s good.

**which results in conversations that go something like this: (me)- That guy is cute/babely (my friend)- Him? That one right there? (me)-yeah he’s hot right? (my friend)- dude he’s like 60.

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