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Spring Break is not for awhile, But…

 Written by    January 26, 2013

I know what I’m doing!

“Jumped in the cab here I am for the first time, Looked to my right, and I see the Hollywood sign…”

Through the college of Arts and Sciences, there is a spring break trip to Los Angeles in order to network with OSU alumni in the various industries that are in LA.

There were 93 applicants for this OSU organized and subsidized trip, and 20 students were accepted. ¬†Because this is my first semester of being an official Theatre major, I was able to take advantage of such an awesome opportunity (as an aside: I’m finishing up my engineering degree because I’m so close to finishing, but I’m really interested in seeing what I can do with theatre and design). I’ve always been interested in movies, but the movie industry feels so distant to the point where I wouldn’t know how to get started. I’m the type of person that watches all of the different commentaries on the DVD of the movies that I like in order to get the inside scoop of what happened (most recently, I saw the commentaries of Pitch Perfect, the DVD that my sister just got me for my birthday). I have also volunteered for many years at the Cleveland International Film Festival.

I don’t know what I’ll be doing come graduation, but what I do know is if that I don’t know what I can do to at least move toward where I want to be, I find myself treading water, going nowhere. I think working in the entertainment industry would be awesome, but I have no idea how to get there…

The first pre-departure meeting for this trip is this week and I’m super excited to hear more about this fantastic opportunity to meet these incredibly successful OSU alums.

There will be Studio tours (Disney, Paramount, etc), going to see a show taping, and more.

Suffice it to say, I’m pumped.





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