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A Saturday Journey: Or How We Found a Golden Egg

 Written by    January 27, 2013

As an incoming freshman looking at prospective schools at which to spend my next four years, I never really took the opportunity to consider the cities surrounding these institutions of higher learning.  Educational programs, cost, and the campus always seemed to play a bigger part of the decision.

As a freshman I saw a little bit of Columbus (okay, mostly high street), but living in the west campus towers it was a hike just to get to the union- we didn’t spend much time going into the actual city of Columbus.  This year as I have moved closer to the action and a lot of my friends have moved off campus we have begun to see just what Columbus has to offer. And it’s actually a lot.

Recently my boyfriend, Jake, and I spent the day in the Short North, an area of High Street with lots of fun, unique shops to explore. The area is very easy to reach from campus- we were able to catch a COTA bus right outside my dorm.

The first stop was to a location we had been excited to visit- The North Market.





This little farmers market was fun even in the winter, with many cool stalls to visit. We ended up sampling an awesome crepe (my choice) and a soft pretzel with cheese and jalapenos (a choice of Jake, who also found a stand to buy some hot sauce). This is definitely a place we can visit time and time again and have a new experience each time.



Taking pictures of my food part one.


After our day began here we headed down high street back in the direction of campus.  The first store we came across was named le Chocoholique. Obviously I had to stop in. While the chocolates we purchased were expensive, they were definitely worth trying.



More excellent food.



As we continued walking from shop to shop there was lots to look at. Such as this cool wall art:



My favorite







One of the highlights of the trip was a shop called Tigertree.  This is definitely a necessary stop for those just browsing from shop to shop.  There are so many fun things to look at from childhood toys, to creative wallets, to greeting cards, and even a map that I swear was in my fifth grade classroom.

The best part of this store is hidden away on the second floor. Here we found a machine containing a chicken and many yellow plastic eggs.  After we put a quarter into the machine, the chicken began to spin and out came an egg.  Inside was a pin, handmade from images in old library books. We quickly went down to the cash register and exchanged a dollar for some quarters so we could keep playing with this little discovery.





One of the final stops on the trip were a few little antique stores.  These stores are always fun.  A favorite is Flower Child, a store specializing in more twentieth century items.  I had a great time walking through the rooms and pretending I was transported back to my parents’ childhood.  This store even has a location in Cleveland that I had been to.



I kind of expected Eric Foreman to walk around the corner.




After quickly hitting up a record store and grabbing some groceries at Kroger it was back on the COTA bus to head home after a long but happy day. Embracing Columbus was a blast and definitely something we will be doing again soon!



This is Jake’s face after we got home, and after a few minutes of listening, realized we had somehow bought the wrong cd at the record store.  This is the artist who we had hoped to hear.


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