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Welcome to my New Life

 Written by    January 29, 2013

I feel as if a blog post is not sufficient enough to explain what has been happening with me in the past few months. Pictures worth a thousand words may not even help. But I feel like I have a whole new life, like I am a whole new person, and I cannot wait to tell you about it.

The amount of stuff that has happened in the past few months has rendered me speechless. So strap on your seat belts, readers. My life has taken a turn for the better.

As you may know, I desire to work in television. The dream is to be scriptwriting for a television series, but I also love producing. So the next year and a half of my life truly need to be dedicated to securing that dream life for me once I graduate.

With that said, at the end of November, I received my first internship. I’m working with Ohio State’s Writers Talk.

You may have seen the interview videos online or on BuckeyeTV. We interview writers from R.L. Stine to Mary Higgins Clark. We’ve also done interviews with writers from the Onion (I know you all read it) and journalists from ESPN.


For my internship, I have a wide range of freedom to do what I please: I can interview whomever I wish and create any artifacts (videos, documentaries, audio files for radio, etc.) that I wish to experiment with. It’s an amazing internship opportunity for meeting new contacts, practicing my writing, and working with multimedia. And also, Doug Dangler is a hoot to work with.

Secondly, I’ve picked up a shadowing position with Ohio State’s Director of national broadcast media, Joe Camoriano. Meeting and working with him has got to be one of the best experiences of my Ohio State career. His resume is filled with knowledge of stuff that I want to know. His job entails different projects everyday from filmings for television news networks to production for anything within the university. In just a month I’ve learned cameras, soundboards, lighting, tripods, transferring files, editing and post-production, live filming, microphones, and the list goes on and on. Just a few days ago, I was allowed to help with the live taping of Gordon Gee on C-SPAN.

The contacts, skills, and experience I will gain with this shadowing is beyond what I could have imagined. I hope after a year and a half down the road, I will both have an extraordinary amount of qualifications on my resume and a few open doors to my dream future.

They – whoever they are – do not lie when they say “it’s all about who you know.”

I feel quite honored to be able to pick Doug and Joe’s brains. Dave Fisher, whom many of you might know, is another brain I get to borrow. This semester, I am also working with BuckeyeTV. I in no way desire to be a news anchor, but I do want to work in a television setting, so BuckeyeTV has a solid studio for learning the basics of television production. The control room is obviously my favorite area, but it’s all really great practice for producing (which I one day hope to be doing at NBC – if you’re reading NBC, wink wink).

Needless to say, I’m a busy bee this semester. But it’s all stuff I love. I’m even taking a screenwriting class that’s part one of a 3-class series. I actually love doing my homework!

Regardless, I feel like a completely different person from last semester … and I couldn’t be happier. I’ll keep you updated 🙂


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