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Skating Adventures in Buckeye Land

 Written by    January 30, 2013

Let’s consider this the sequel to Swimming Adventures in Buckeye Land!

In the past few days, I:

  • Went ice skating
  • Had dinner with my church community group at Commons at Third (I’ll go ahead and say that my church is one of my favorite parts of living in Columbus)
  • Washed my sheets
  • Did my laundry
  • Lost a sock doing said laundry and went into detective mode to find it
  • Was successful in finding the MIA sock.  Just call me the female Sherlock Holmes.
  • No really, can you call me that?
  • Sprained my ankle (I’ll get to it)


So let’s get back to ice skating!!


Reader, can I just tell you how stoked I was to go ice skating on campus? I took figure skating lessons as a kid for a few years:


…This picture always seems to make an appearance in my blog. Oh little Julia, how I wish I could tell you to not quit ice skating.


…but since then I rarely get to go skating (the nearest ice rink in my hometown is not all that close—I mean, it’s Texas).


But last Friday, all I had to do was walk to OSU’s ice rink next to St. John Arena with two of my suitemates to go skating.  It was awesome.  I didn’t even fall!



My goals in this picture were to: A. Look like Tara Lipinski B. Not die



Oh, and the whole sprained ankle thing!


I was working out in one of the multipurpose rooms at the RPAC when I jumped onto my right leg and then crashed to the floor.  Once I realized I was too injured to even walk, I discovered I was in a bit of a predicament, since I was alone in the room with no way to get help.  I ended up calling up some random office at the RPAC and told them I needed someone to come get me.  But when the kind lady tried to transfer the call to the Welcome Center, it got dropped.  *Sigh*.


Fast forward a bit; I finally got help and was given a wheelchair and ice, and was taken to the Health Center.  Oh, and I had to fill out an incident report too, for legal reasons probably.  What I wanted to write was, “No, don’t worry, sweet beautiful RPAC, it’s not your fault I am an idiot and fell on level ground on my own accord.”  Instead I opted for something a little more professional.


Anyway, I was mostly just frustrated I missed my awesome economics class having to get X-Rayed and fit into a brace.  I must say though, the whole process didn’t take that long.  I will miss the Wilce Student Health Center when I graduate.  They are crazy fast.


The doctor also wanted to put me on crutches, but I refused.  Mostly, I wasn’t excited at the prospect of using them to get to one of my mile-away classes.


So instead, I’ve just been sucking it up and limping everywhere.  And, consequently, having to leave an extra 10-15 minutes early to accommodate my new walking speed.  My suitemate Katrina is affectionately calling me Gimpy for the time being.  I’ll spare y’all the wicked sweet/gross pictures of my swelled up foot.



Rude Awakening:  Animal Collective’s music sometimes makes me happy and sometimes makes me feel nauseous.   So… I guess… I’ll keep listening to them?


Pleasant Surprise: I made my very first snow angel on campus this weekend!  It wasn’t the prettiest, but it was worth it.  There is video evidence of this occurrence on my Facebook page, too, in case you’re interested.  Let’s be friends and talk about how awesome THE Ohio State is!


In firm friendship,


The Female Sherlock Holmes


OSU Skating Photos are property of Katrina Boos

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