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The Real Value of a $20

 Written by    February 2, 2013

If there’s one thing most college students can agree on, its that money is a scarce resource.  Paying for tuition, room and board, textbooks, dorm supplies, meal plans, and a variety of other fees take a toll on our (parents’) wallets.  Then, after all that’s been paid for, we still want some money to spend on ourselves!  Luckily, I’ve come to a realization that makes all of that possible. When the time comes that I need or want to use cash, I take my debit card to a nearby ATM and check out a $20 bill.  I’ve been doing that quite frequently this school year; however, it wasn’t until last night that I realized the true value it held.  Spending cash to me is more of a luxury now since I have blocks for meals and Buck-id cash for laundry and other necessities; I consider spending cold, hard cash as a form of spoiling myself nowadays.  Last night though I came to an epiphany, all you need is a $20 to last you!  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a list of some things you can do with a $20 around here at OSU:

  • Order food from restaurants or go out to eat
  • Shop on High Street
  • See a movie at Gateway or Lennox
  • Buy a used game from Gamestop
  • Go on a cheap date (maybe not)
  • “Paint the town Red”

Now, I’m obviously not suggesting that you drain all your funds by checking out $20 bills everyday from an ATM.  But if you’re already spending money, or want to start, I think its a good way to balance yourself.  If you’re able to, try to hold on to a decent amount of money for personal spending as long as possible.  Remember: spending money is a privilege, don’t overindulge or else it won’t be there when you really need it!


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