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“Ohio State’s Most Underused Resources”

 Written by    February 3, 2013

I was recently at a campus job interview where I was asked, “What is Ohio State’s most underused resource?”  My response was tutoring, which I’ll elaborate on in a second.  But as I ruminated on this question the rest of the day, I thought of a few more awesome things OSU offers that sometimes go unappreciated/underutilized (and I know there are tons more that have slipped my mind or maybe I don’t even know about yet).

Of course, each of these resources is still taken advantage of by many students, but in general I think they could be recognized more.  On that note—believe me, there are plenty of wonderful resources that I won’t go into that are pretty well known/used by students (d-tix, OUAB events (JANE GOODALL is coming to OSU), etc.)

So here we go:


1. Tutoring, as I said a second ago.  Autumn quarter of my freshman year, I clocked in around 30-40 hours getting tutored for my math class.  And you know what?  I ended up with an A, which I guarantee you would not have been possible otherwise.  Furthermore, several residence halls have tutors come in on a regular basis to help with classes like math, chemistry, physics, etc.  There’s also foreign language tutoring, the writing center, and ASC career services where you can set up mock interviews and get your résumé looked at.


2. The Multipurpose Rooms at the RPAC.  I realize this is oddly specific, but it’s true.  The RPAC has 5 giant rooms specified just for fitness classes AND open recreation.  The schedules differ every day, but there are usually plenty of hours when the rooms are free just for student use.  Something a lot of people do in these rooms is bring in their laptops and play workout DVDs to exercise with.  I’ve been doing this same thing recently with the Insanity DVDs so I can keep going through the program while at school.



3. Food. Yes, food, as was the response of another student in my interview.  Did you know Ohio State has over 20 different places to eat on campus?  When I was visiting various college campuses in high school, even some of the larger schools I visited only had a couple dining halls, or even just one.  People may complain about campus dining from time to time, but overall I feel fortunate to have so many options.  I mean, you can get dark chocolate almond milk on campus for crying out loud.  Or a frittata.  Or gelato.  It’s pretty stellar.


4. Ohio Union Resource Room.  If you only click on one of the plethora of links in this post, check out the page for the Resource Room.  I first stumbled upon this place because I needed to fax something to my dad, and apparently they fax things for you here for free!  Although a lot of the items in this room are geared toward clubs and student orgs, any student is allowed to pay to customize any of the materials there—pins, balloons, flyers, etc. in just about every color imaginable.  Club leaders can also check out stuff like popcorn machines and cameras.  The space outside the resource room is pretty great as well.  Honestly, the whole Union is just a place worth exploring; I’ll leave it at that.



Rude Awakening:  Believe it or not, I might actually be welcoming midterms with open arms this week just so I’ll feel like this semester is going somewhere.  I have no clue how I’m doing in my classes so far.


Pleasant Surprise:  I signed the subleasing paperwork for the house I’m going to live in over the summer!  Not only am I relieved to know I have a place to stay May through August, the location is lovely—just the slightest bit east of High Street.  I’m really excited to spend the summer in Columbus– just ’cause I’ve never done it before–and potentially finish up my psychology minor (only 2 classes left!).



In firm friendship,


Julia Rose S.

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