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The Best Title in Life …

 Written by    February 4, 2013

is not that of a C.E.O. or even President of the United States … but that of an Aunt or Uncle.

I should know. Every person out there with a little niece or nephew should know. On December 27, 2012, I joined the group as the aunt of a little baby girl, Miranda Rae.

It’s already universally accepted that aunts have the best of both worlds. They get to play mommy with, cuddle, and spoil a little one but then leave all the hard duties- such as diaper changing, rocking, and waking up at 3am – for the real mommy. Plus as they get older, they love their aunt and uncle because they’re new, exciting, and not as mean as mommy. Now grandmas are the ones that buy the little ones things. Aunts just take them to cool places, let them eat ice cream way passed their bed times, all the common cliches.

It is safe to say, I’ve fallen in love with my niece. Tell me an aunt that does not. Miranda Rae – Randi Rae is what we call her – is perfect to me, and not only because I’m her aunt and I would accept her in any shape or form. But because she’s ACTUALLY perfect. I spent some of Christmas break with her 24/7 and a few weekends since then and she baffles me every time.

  • She rarely cries; and when she does, it is very short lived.
  • She’s incredibly curious; she’ll lay there silently with her big blue eyes wide open, looking around and analyzing everything and everyone, taking everything in … silently. She’s usually completely silent and she’s only 5 weeks old. They should be screaming and crying just to hear their own voice by now.
  • And, lastly, she’s unbelievably smart. She can lift her own head when she wants and she’s already starting to turn herself over while lying down. I may not be accustomed to the growing mechanics of an infant, and I don’t care if your baby is the next Isaac Newton, but our little Randi Rae is 5 weeks of pure intelligence.

Enough of my blabbering about her … I’ll let you see her for yourself.





And the photos could go on and on and on. Check out my Facebook here if you are now as obsessed with her as I am. I have a whole album dedicated to just her. I probably won’t even have that for my own baby some day (one day, far in the future).

I may one day just write a book on How to Be the Best Aunt or What You Have that Mommy Doesn’t … SOMETHING to pour my unexpected and overwhelming feelings towards my little niece into. For now, however, I have you guys. So expect a lot more info and even more photos.



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