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Spoil the Celebration

 Written by    February 4, 2013

While there may no longer be a bell to mark the occasion, all I need to hear is those simple words come out of the professor’s mouth. “That’s all for today”…it’s like poetry, but better. The last class of the day is over, so without hesitation I begin to strut my hindquarters towards the door, plow through it, raise my arms in the air, and yell I’m free!

Now there is a problem with that picture. Not even a metaphor, I literally mean the picture above has a problem. This problem is that while there is a blue sky and (presumably) a sun, reality has no such thing. While I may plow through the door, clearly no one has gotten a chance to plow the sidewalk. As soon as I throw my hands up in the air, I immediately throw them back down and into my pockets so they don’t fall off. I stop yelling because 1. people started to look at me funny and 2. snow and wind starts hitting me in the face and I am forced to duck my head inside my coat like a turtle.

I suppose it is getting better though, today it got up to 29! Not sure what the wind chill was, but I have a feeling it beats last weeks calamity of -8. Chances are good I wouldn’t care that much if my hometown high school didn’t have a snow day today, which combined with their snow day Friday (and likely snow day tomorrow) gives them a weekend I can only dream of. Needless to say, I’m a bit jealous, in case you couldn’t tell. Now that I am all grown up though, the sight of snow on the ground in the morning no longer brings joy and laughter and rainbows and unicorns, but only the knowledge that the only way I am going to survive that day is to look like Randy from A Christmas Story.

And I suppose that is just something I am going to have to live with.



Arms in the air- http://cellobello.com/blog/index.php/raising-the-arms-pt-2/

Christmas Story- http://www.curvyceo.com/2012/01/11/cold-weather-is-no-excuse-your-guide-to-keeping-cute-in-the-cold/randy-snow-suit-a-christmas-story/


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  1. Hayley Hayley says:

    yep, i wore ski goggles outside that super cold week. this post was super funny and depressing and true!

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