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The Evolution of Social Media (aka distractions) – Part 2

 Written by    November 19, 2013

…Tumblr -> Instagram -> Pinterest?!?

Part 2 of The Evolution of Social Media (aka distractions) – see Part 1 here! Also, warning…I repeat Facebook and Twitter from Part 1, but at least I say different stuff. Ooops, my bad….

It seems like lately I just can’t seem to pull myself away from social media, and from the looks of it, neither can many of us. With end-of-semester projects and finals looming just over the horizon, now more than ever is the time for them to strike. That’s right, those nagging browser windows you just can’t seem to stay away from. Mid-paper, and they call to you from behind their little icons, threatening your productivity, sucking you in…

Can you tell I’m currently avoiding a paper? 😉 Anyhoo, allow me to introduce you to these little villains:

Facebook Logo

Who hasn’t heard of Facebook in this day and age? I remember getting my first Facebook account way back when literally NO ONE had it. I told my friends about it and it was like, super uncool! What a little hipster I guess I was back then. Or maybe more like a nerd who looked way into things happening online. Haha 😛 I faked up a college email (you had to register with one back in those days) and had all of 2 friends for what seemed like forever until Facebook launched into what it is today – arguably the largest and most widespread social media platform out there. It’s evolved so much over the year, but kept the same premise – connecting with friends and the world around you. Apparently though, according to my boyfriend, who is a student teacher at a middle school, Facebook is now “uncool”…since so many parents and even grandparents have figured out they could use it to trace high school buddies and college chums, it’s lost popularity with the younger crowd, or so it seems. Kids these days…

Now I have little experience with Tumblr, but lately I’ve heard many complaints about Facebook becoming more and more like the creative, photography-based site. As picture-sharing seems to become more prominent in the world of social media, Tumblr took the lead in attracting creative minded individuals while still incorporating aspects of the other top social media attractions; there is a button for essentially “liking” the photograph or graphic,  a button for sharing it to others, and even an aspect using hashtags to group similar interests. I have a Tumblr, but mostly I just like to look at the photos now and again, and have made a nice little hippie tumblr for myself – galaxy background, flower headbands, VW buses and all. I won’t lie when I say there are some sweet photos that circulate in this little world.

Twitter logo

And of course, Twitter! Guys, I’m gonna be honest. I still don’t understand the whole Twitter thing. I guess it’s like continual Facebook status updates? Or the way to go with one-liners…if I were witty and funny enough to do so? I do know that it’s become HUGE, however, and that 140 characters can surprisingly tell you a lot about a person. The essential idea being that you get to send out tweets, or max-140 character messages, to the world, and you can follow not only friends and family, but also keep up to date on your favorite teams, celebrities, and communities through this media forum. The hashtag has definitely invaded everyday life, becoming probably one of those iconic things of our generation (yeah, think about that).

Oh, Instagram. The social media of choice (or so it seems) for celebrities to take their candids, Instagram has also taken off, in a way merging itself with Twitter to reach a larger audience. One cannot count the ridiculous numbers of selfies that have made their way to Instagram, the multitude of meals that otherwise no one might have ever gotten to see before you ate them, and of course, the “artsy” photos saturated in filters to make everyone seem like they’re amazing vintage photographers. Hmm. As a photographer myself, I’m not bitter… 😛

And now, my newest form of distraction. Also known as, my newest obsession. Pinterest! Definitely the newest bandwagon I’ve wound up jumping on, it seems to be becoming relatively successful already. And it’s totally right up my alley, hence the whole “jumping on the bandwagon despite wanting to be a mildly-hippie, unique individual mindset”. I’ve spent most of my life bookmarking things I like. To the point where every internet browser I have used is clogged with bookmarks of relatively random things which I never have the time nor effort to make folders for or go through and clean up. Pinterest gives me a way to combine the best of my worlds, with basically a social, grown-up version of bookmarks where you can visually find things you like or want to try and “pin” them to virtual pinboards that you create about any variety of topics. You can definitely identify aspects from various websites, such as “liking” photos or tutorials, linking photos to outside websites, tagging friends in comments on photos, and inviting others to join. In fact, I think that the creators were incredibly smart about making the site “exclusive” – aka requiring an invitation from either the site itself (a long wait of a process) or someone already on Pinterest who can invite you and get you on there much more quickly.


So, with that said, there is my biased, and note super-educational view on the evolution of media! I guess it’s really interesting to me how social media has evolved over the years, borrowing aspects from one another and shedding those that didn’t work out so well for their predecessors. Also, it’s just cool to see how many ways there are to spark public interest in a website that could only work because of widespread use and social networking. What need we all have for the human touch, for the interconnectedness amongst one another…it’s pretty cool to think about.

Well, guess I’m off to check Facebook, update Pinterest, and possibly entertain myself with the endless possibilities of Stumbleupon. 😉

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