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Program 60

 Written by    February 7, 2013

I recently found out about an amazing program that OSU offers; Program 60. The gist of the program is any Ohio resident over the age of 60 can attend OSU classes for free. Undergraduate and graduate-level courses are available to them, only they won’t count towards credits and won’t count towards a degree. Though that seems like a stipulation worth overlooking to take advantage of the opportunity to moonlight in your golden years and learn about anything¬†you could possible be remotely interested in. Did I mention that they can opt out of exams as well?

I learned about Program 60 from an elderly gentleman (but still quite dashing Sir) who normally sits in front of me as he mentioned it as a reason why attendance doesn’t so much apply to him. I suspect that there are other students in some of my other classes who are also in Program 60. I lamented to the aforementioned gentleman that there (as of yet) does not exist a Program 30 or Program 20 but I don’t think he was as sympathetic to my plight as maybe I was hoping.

More than just serving the curiosity and idle time of an older generation in their golden years, I think it’s an excellent opportunity for a younger generation to interact with those who have no doubt an endless supply of wisdom and sage life advice. I am glad that I know about Program 60 now and hope to see more formal interaction with the student body in the future. After all, there are some things you need to learn in life that can’t be taught in any classroom.



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