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Love the ones you’re with!

 Written by    February 11, 2013

is that an appropriate title? Hayley asks herself

In light of Valentine’s Day approaching, I would really like to talk about the love in my life.

When I was living at home in high school, I always considered myself to be single, but as soon as I moved out it quickly became apparent that I had never known what single was before in my entire life.  When I lived with my parents, I had people in my daily life who were interested in me: what I was doing, where I was going, how I was feeling.  While I wasn’t ever having any “no you hang up first” phone conversations, I also wasn’t single.  I was part of my family, actively and daily, and I consider that to be “in a relationship” enough.

At the beginning of last semester I suddenly felt exactly what being “single” really was—I felt kind of alone in two ways: happily independent but also kind of lonely.  That was before I really knew my roommates.

More than halfway through the school year and having lived with Lauren, Aya, and Justine for more than 5 months, I can confidently say that although I am single-r than I was a year ago, I am so lucky to have them there with me.

If you’re nervous about roommates (as I was), trust me, you have a little bit of reason to, but if you’re laid back and get to know them and go into it with an open mind, they could easily become the best friends you’ll ever have.

I recommend using roomsurf or even the facebook group of your OSU class of 2017 (or whatever year you will be a part of) if you’re committed to the idea of not going into your room blindly.  My own post on the OSU Class of 2016 facebook group’s wall said something along the lines of:

Hey I’m looking for a roommate.  I’m really chill and like cats a lot and take naps at 4:15 every day so if you think we would be good together please message me!

Everything in that post is still true, and Aya liked it enough that she messaged me and we now live together!  And even though Aya wasn’t entirely random, Justine and Lauren both were and I like them more than I like Aya.  Just kidding!* I would also like to point out how socially awkward I am, even on the internet.

So anyways.  I’m still conventionally single, but I get a bunch of love from my roommates and it’s enough for me right now.  I can’t tell you not to be nervous about living with strangers**, but it works out really great for most of the people I know.  And college rocks.

Lauren was a big ol’ sweetheart last weekend and bought me a hoop septum ring which I had been looking for for awhile. Thanks Lauren you’re my favorite Heisenberg in the whole world!

Aya, me, Justine, Lauren
I really do love all three of them, I’m so lucky!


*Kind of

**Because personally I believe this is the WEIRDEST THING PEOPLE EVER DO

Books read: this goal is stupid because I have so much reading to do for class and the rest of my time is spent watching netflix and every time I write a blog post I feel so not well read and it makes me SAD, OKAY?

Songs you need to go listen to right now: Honestly, I just wrote this post listening to this, this, and this.  And this. Dance!


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  1. Hello. Great job. I did not anticipate this. This is a great story. Thanks!

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