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I Spent Valentines Day With My Camera And A Bunch Of Fruit Snacks

 Written by    February 14, 2013

So a buddy of mine likes my youtube videos, and for valentines day wanted to make something special for his girlfriend. This is what happened.

My friend Andy and his girlfriend go to different schools, so they couldn’t be together today for Valentine’s day. He came to me and said “I want to make her a video!” So I calmly said “Ok, cool!” But inside I was more along the lines of “HOLY COW SOMEONE WANTS ME TO MAKE A VIDEO FOR THEM I AM GOING TO DIE.”

My overreaction aside, he had a song picked out, and a general idea of what he wanted. The rest was able to be changed, played around with, and molded into a music video. Kind of like Justin Beiber as a child. Sculpted by society and played around with by young girls. But not really because the song is by Avicii and is actually really good. And not played around with by young girls. Thats not okay.

We went through 4 boxes of fruit snacks, a bit of pocket change, and got many weird looks in the laundry room. Not to mention the fact that trying to explain what we were doing was a bit awkward…

This took about 3-4 days to make.

If you haven’t checked out my other video blogs, I vlog about Ohio State, my life, and random things that I think about!

I had a fun time creating this, and I hope your Valentine’s day is swell!

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  1. Thanks for the great article..

  2. Anthony says:

    I know that guy! He climbs at the OAC all the time. Next time I see him I’m calling him out on this.

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