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The Great COTA Bus Adventure

 Written by    February 14, 2013

I didn’t plan on my first trip on the COTA system turning into an adventure, but it sure did!

It all started with my needing a ride to The Fawcett Center across the river for a job interview. Getting there was easy enough . . . until we passed The Fawcett Center.

Why? I thought that the bus automatically stopped at every planned stop, but no, you have to pull the cord and request to stop. Whoops. I ended up at the University City Shopping Center and had to retrace my steps about a half-mile.

Please keep in mind as you read this that Olentangy River Road doesn’t have any sidewalks. So I’m walking down the side of the road, dressed up for an interview. Funny, right?

I made it on time and successfully went through my interview, though! The story doesn’t end here, however, because when I went to get on a bus for home, I got on the wrong one.

Bear with me, guys! Having never ridden a bus like this before, I didn’t know there was more than one “OSU-Kenny Rd, #18” buses, going in all different directions at that! So I got on what I thought was the right bus and didn’t really realize until I was almost to Dublin that I was probably going the wrong way!

By this time, I am the only one left on the bus and the driver pulls over and stops at the Taco Bell to stretch, go to the bathroom, and smoke a cigarette. I am panicking now, and I call my mom. Turns out, I should’ve gotten on “OSU-Kenny Rd, #18” on the OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET.

So I end up staying on the bus, knowing that as long as I’m in there, I’m safe and decide to ride it out. We back-tracked past all the places I’d already been AND past the bus stop I was SUPPOSED to get on, and I eventually made it home safe and sound. Whew!

I got on the bus at 3:29PM and arrived home at 5:05PM.


Let’s just say I will not make a direction mistake again!

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