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Starting the Weekend off Right!

 Written by    February 15, 2013

We all tell ourselves, especially in college, I’m going to get a head start Saturday or Sunday morning. I’ll wake up early, get my homework done, and then relax. I won’t procrastinate because I know I’ll regret it later. We all say that to ourselves. But we always seem to let ourselves down.

I thought I’d share how I start my weekend off the right way, hoping it’ll inspire some of you.

This past Saturday, I woke up at 8:00 AM. Some might think it’s ridiculous. The way I wake up so early is that I set multiple alarms on my phone so eventually, I’m forced to get up.

As extra motivation, I left my workout clothes next to my desk so I’d remember that I should work out first thing.

Once I’ve gotten a workout out of the way, I always feel like my day can only go uphill.

I know it’s really difficult to motivate yourself, but trying to workout in the morning is a great way to get your day started!

Plus, it’s usually really nice out in the morning, which automatically motivates me.

After exercising, I’m also much more mentally alert. This is really helpful since weekends are when I get my hardcore studying in. Plus, I had a massive chemistry midterm this week, so I had to study A LOT.

But I can’t fully get started without the best thing ever created…COFFEE.

Seriously, my love for coffee is a bit unhealthy…ok, maybe it’s an addiction…

Once I’ve gulped down a ton of coffee and eaten some breakfast, then it’s really time to hit the books. But I feel awake, refreshed, and prepared to face anything.

Even though it’s cold now, I encourage all of you to try and take advantage of early mornings on the weekends. It’s peaceful on campus and you’ll feel great about how much you’ve gotten done compared to all the other people still asleep at 2 pm!

But even starting your weekend off right won’t get you out of reading those textbooks…

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