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    Projects: From Prototype to Stage

    By Sierra L. | February 16, 2013

    So, I thought ya’ll might be interested in seeing some of the things we do here at the Theater. People have come up to us and wanted to know where we rent our costumes, buy our set pieces, etc. Well, we don’t… we make everything! Everything you see here starts as a sketch on paper. Here are some of the “ideas” I’ve worked on, and how they appeared in certain productions.


    We needed a backdrop for Basket of Flowers the first time we went on the road with it. A friend and I were given four pieces of plywood and a picture Thursday night, and told to have it ready by performance Friday evening.

    The Picture

    The Painting

    The Finished Product

    ¬†We needed a treehouse for Charlie’s Stories that could hold a 12 year old boy and a full grown man, that could come apart easily, and that could be carried in a 12×6 trailer.

    The Prototype

    The Building

    The Tree

    We had to make a dress for the Princess Amelia in Basket of Flowers. I sketched a couple designs and got approval on a merged idea from the head of the costume department, then several of us interns began the work.

    Design Sketches

    Final Dress

    So that’s how we do things here at the Logos Theater, from prototype to stage appearance!

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