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The Best of Ohio State

 Written by    March 2, 2013

I recently stumbled upon the “Best of Columbus” awards from ColumbusAlive magazine. It’s basically when people vote for the “Best Of’s” in Columbus. The categories range from Best Restaurant to Best Place for People Watching. In honor of “Best of Columbus,” I thought I’d come up with my own version about Ohio State.

Best of Ohio State 2013

Best Coffee

Boston Stoker on Neil Avenue

So, not only am I a food addict and college sports fanatic, I’m also crazy about coffee. For incredible coffee I’d definitely say Boston Stoker on Neil (next to Jimmy John’s) is the winner. They make each cup by hand and promote fair trade practices. It’s one place you have to visit. They also take BuckID cash, too!

Best Quick Lunch

Union Market/Berry Cafe

One negative about eating at OSU is at certain hours, getting lunch can take over 30 minutes. So, the best thing is to plan when you eat over where. Union Market isn’t too bad because there are stations. Library cafes, like Berry Cafe at Thompson, aren’t bad either. Though the lines get long at times, they move quickly. But cafe food for me, at least, isn’t enough for a proper meal.

Best Overall Campus Eatery

Marketplace at Neil

Although variety at Neil isn’t much, I like the half-size portions and how each meal is custom-made. Plus, I can spend 1 block at Neil and get a decent-sized dinner!

Best Place to Enjoy the Outdoors

Mirror Lake

Let’s be honest. This is pretty much one of the best things at OSU. In summer’s heat or winter’s cold, Mirror Lake still shimmers with Buckeye tradition and pride.

Best Place to Take Out of Town Visitors

Thompson Library/The RPAC


Whether future students or family, Thompson Library and the RPAC are must-sees on campus. I’m pretty partial to both since I spend most of my time studying at Thompson or working out at the RPAC.

But both buildings really symbolize how much Ohio State has advanced and how much more progress we can make as an institution.

Best Place to Study

Thompson Library

Call it unoriginal, but Thompson is my go-to study place.  I study on the third floor in the open spaces. It’s pretty quiet, but not deathly silent, so it’s okay if I eat food or talk. But I do know that study locations vary by person, so if you’ve found the place that’s just right for you, that’s great! It’s all about what’s comfortable for you and what helps you efficiently study.

Best Ohio State Tradition

“Carmen Ohio”

In my opinion, the best tradition at OSU is not only singing “Carmen Ohio”, but linking arms and singing. The physical gesture unites people from all walks of life. All because of a common love for THE Ohio State University.

Best Building on Campus

Knowlton School of Arhictecture

What “best” means is up to personal opinion. My favorite building on campus is probably the Knowlton School of Architecture. The building is unique on the outside. Inside, it’s minimal but carefully and tastefully designed. The ultimate best part of Knowlton is the rooftop garden. Future students, I encourage you to see if you can check it out when you visit campus. It’s pretty awesome!

As of now, that’s all I have for the Best of Ohio State 2013. Comment if you want to share what you think are the best things at Ohio State!

I think we can all agree, though, that the best thing about OSU is that it is a welcoming, diverse university with great tradition and pride. Go Bucks!


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  1. Daclaud Lee says:

    Much has changed since I was an undergrad. I used to study at the Science and Engineering Library, which was open 24 hours. Back then the Union was still under construction. I see Mirror Lake has not changed much at all. I used to recall hearing stories about it being haunted, but I hadn’t seen anything myself. It’s nice to drive by and see all the changes OSU is making – there is certainly a lot of progress. – http://www.daclaud-lee.com

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