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The Secret Life of a Poor Foodie

 Written by    February 23, 2013

So, basically I love food. Like REALLY love food. Maybe that’s why I’m a nutrition major…just kidding!

But I am a self-proclaimed foodie. But liking really good food seems to always cost a lot. I’m a poor college student. How am I supposed to try the best food if I can’t pay for it?

My problem has been solved, though, because of the city of Columbus. There’s a variety of good restaurants where you can definitely find something super tasty within your budget.

I didn’t plan this, but in the past week or so, I managed to try a lot of new eating places around the city and discovered that I didn’t end up spending that much.

I ate breakfast at Tasi Cafe (located in the Short North) last Saturday with my older sister as a celebration of the end of our mid-terms (for now, at least). I ate the the greek scrambled eggs and indulged on a chocolate croissant.

If you’re really looking to budget, the entree cost $6 and the croissant was around $3. But you could easily make a good breakfast with just one item. Plus, they have good coffee, which is a must-have for me!

With the Ohio State Eminence Fellows, we experimented different cuisine this past week at the Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant (about 5 blocks north of BW3’s on High St.) The food experience was completely different for me. You were served on a huge platter lined in a special kind of bread with different dishes placed on top. You also only ate with your hands.

This place was a bit more expensive, with food costing about $10 per entree. But it’s a fun experience…and you might make up some interesting inside jokes…

I visited North Market this morning after hearing about that one of the merchants, Omega Artisan Baking, served the best cinnamon rolls. The rumor was true. It was amazing! And it cost around $3. Paired with a strong cup of coffee, it was a great breakfast. Especially for a poor college student, North Market is a great place to try different foods for pretty cheap.

I also picked up some pasta from the Pastaria booth and brought it back with me for lunch. The pasta and pesto I got was incredible and it cost around $6. There was enough food, though, that I had half for lunch and the rest for dinner.

And just my luck, they were handing out free coffee and cookies at Heirloom Cafe in the Wexner Center. It was a pretty good snack to get me through the long study session I had at Thompson.

In the end, I encourage students to try¬†good food for cheap. Columbus is a great city with interesting food that’s definitely affordable for those of us on strict budgets!

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