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I Went To Cincinnati Over The Weekend.

 Written by    February 27, 2013

So I got a ride from a friend of a friend to Cincinnati where I stayed at another friend’s apartment, where we went to the University of Cincinnati and hung out and goofed around. I maybe get chloroformed maybe not, you’ll never know.

I’m kidding. The car rides involved some Hot Fuzz references and we went to Starbucks and they made fun of me and then we played patty-cake. I left my camera in my friend’s apartment the first day, so I only got footage with my phone. Then on the second day I almost forgot my camera again until they reminded me.

Vlogging in public is an art form, and as I discovered, I can get pretty ridiculous. It’s good to be back at OSU, but seeing my friends at UC was great.

Between getting Starbucks and doing patty-cake push ups (you’ll understand soon) I had an amazing time. Watch ┬ámy vlog to see what all went down.

Good job Mike. So now that I’ve rambled, I also need to mention that I teach you how to tea-bag. Sort of.

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