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I Love My Job

 Written by    March 1, 2013

And I am not talking about Texas Roadhouse, though I enjoy that job on a different level. I’m talking about using cameras, interviews, and the fast-paced world of television to capture and tell real stories.

Yesterday, February 26th, I helped BuckeyeTV film the Buckeye Showcase that was held in the Performance Hall of the Ohio Union. The shooting was technically for the Television Production 2 class. But they need some PA help and I more than wanted the experience, as always. When I got there before curtain call, I helped set up cameras, I tested mics, and I found all the loose cables that we could strike (striking cables means getting rid of them because they’re of no use).

Now when I tell you that I have fun striking unnecessary cables, you know that I love doing this. I enjoy being on production sites so much that I will pull and/or strike cables for you. That’s something. I know I won’t love doing it forever, but for now, I just enjoy learning, and being a part of production.

 During the show, I was a PA for the reporter backstage. The only folks backstage were the reporter, Lauren, the cameraman, Tai, and me. So while they were making sure they’re jobs as asking questions and recording were being done, I did everything else. I picked the locations for shooting, I realized when contestants were practicing and made sure they were shot, and I acted as if I was a reporter on the red carpet, grabbing “celebrities” for pre-stage interviews about how nervous they were.

Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t the same thing as the Oscars, obviously. There was no huge production ordeal where millions of people were watching me on their televisions.

But … to me it was. I treated it as if it was the biggest show I’d ever landed and as if it were my real job. Because I love doing it, and I want to do it for the rest of my life. Everything I do from now until retirement we’ll be done with all of my passion and tenacity. Because why wouldn’t I? Why pursue something if you feel so uninterested that you want to be lazy about it?

Aside from Buckeye Showcase, I’ve been on a number of production projects and writing projects that I’ve put my whole heart into. And sure, it takes up a good amount of my time, but it’s time well spent. I’m enjoying it while I do it and I look forward to the next time I get to.

That’s when you know you love your job. Or in our college student position, your major.


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