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    It’s a Wrap!

    By Sierra L. | March 2, 2013

    Yes, Flip’s Father is a wrap! We finished all the filming for our short video in three nights of shooting – a pretty amazing accomplishment in the film industry. We ended our final scene at 0117 Friday morning (that’s 1:17 am for those who were confused). We have hours and hours of editing to do now, but we have all the shots we need.

    Yesterday we tore down our set and returned it from 19th century London

    to looking like 21st century South Carolina again.

    The animals went home, the set pieces were sorted and put back in the warehouse,

    and our cobblestone street was UN-laid. The cobblestones were washed, stacked, and returned to the place who loaned them to us.

    30 Second Time Lapse Video of Cobblestone Street Teardown

    Costumes are still being cleaned, but most of them have been rolled and put away again. The tent has been torn down and the sand has been washed off the pavement.


    In fact, you couldn’t even tell we were there for a week filming, if you didn’t know.

    We made the news channel! A local news channel was here Thursday night filming us as we filmed Flip’s Father. Our story aired for 3 minutes or so. You can see it here! Filming Flip’s Father on Channel 7, Local News in Taylors, SC (watch the first 3 1/2 minutes or so)

    Tomorrow we have two teams heading out on the road to teach drama seminars. Mine will be going to North Carolina and New York over the next four weeks, while the other is heading to Indiana. I may not have access to a computer for a while, but I’ll update again when I can!


    Video: http://www2.sceneon7.com/entertainment/2013/feb/28/top-talker-blitz-ar-5701361/

    Pics 1, 2, 6: Joseph Hainsworth, Logos Theatre staff

    Pics 3, 4, 5, 7, 8: Me

    Pic 9: Zachary Johnson, Logos Theatre intern

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