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Running Collegiate Errands & Experiencing Anime

 Written by    March 3, 2013

There was a lot going on this week.  None of it was particularly groundbreaking, but—nevertheless, this is a truthful account of my life as an actual Ohio State Buckeye, as per our motto.

Firstly, I had to wait in line Monday afternoon at the Ohio Union to get my ticket to see Jane Goodall next month.  I was pretty excited about it so I Snapchatted my sister the experience:


I don’t think she was as enthused as me, but I’ve missed seeing some really cool people that the Ohio Union Activities Board (OUAB) has brought in (like Bill Nye the Science Guy, Anderson Cooper, Aziz Ansari (technically he came the year before I got here, so no helping that one), Joseph Gordon-Levitt, etc.) so I wanted to make sure that I actually went this time.  I did, however, see Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson on NBC’s Parks and Recreation) last year, and it was a fun time.  Moral of the story:  Stay updated on OUAB events so you don’t miss out.  For real, though.


In other news, second-year honors students (that’s me!) are required to submit an honors contract in the spring, basically to ensure your degree plan is rigorous enough/living up to the honors requirements, etc. etc. etc.  So this requires meeting with all 3 of my advisors for approval and signatures before turning it in to the committee.  Luckily, my advisors (one for my Spanish major, one for my psychology minor, and one for the college of arts and sciences honors program) are all helpful, lovely people.  So hopefully I’ll have the whole thing turned in by this Tuesday, when I have my third and final advising appointment!  Yay.


I also saw my aunt at the Union this week.  She was there representing the Cleveland Clinic at a job fair in the Archie Griffin Ballroom (one of the coolest spaces in the Union.  Read: block O chandeliers).  I usually try to go and see her when she comes, but I always look silly surrounded by all these professional well-to-do college kids actually going for internships and the like, while I’m there in my snow boots with my backpack talking to my aunt.  It’s at least a step up from the last time when I showed up in gym shorts.  Sometimes the anonymity of a large university is a very nice thing.


I got a new BuckID this week too.  I didn’t lose mine, but after having it for a year and half, it doesn’t swipe so well anymore.  If this ever happens to you, just go to their office on the 3rd floor of the Union and they’ll replace it for free!


Rude Awakening:  Oh!  And I got sick with what was probably strep… again.  That would make it the third time this past year.  This time, my throat hurt so bad it was one of those things where I practically had to listen to a motivational speech to get the courage to swallow.  Although, as I went through the process of losing and regaining my voice over the weekend, there was a brief window where I was able to sound just like Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss from The Hunger Games.  Worth it.


Pleasant Surprise:  I never thought this day would come, but I have now officially seen episodes from not just one anime show, but two.  Anime is not my genre, but one of my friends/floormates watches it on occasion.  So a fairly large group of us were introduced to the world of anime this week, watching it together in the evenings.  Sometimes the episodes are pretty decent.  Others… not so much.  It’s still worth watching though, I’ll say.  I mean, diversity is a big part of the Ohio State experience, and I would like to include TV shows in that as well, thank you!


In firm friendship,


Julia Rose S.

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  1. Hayley Hayley says:

    Ahhhh I had strep in december during finals week! Actually cried while swallowing a few times. It’s the WORST.

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