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Unapologetically ranting about Ski Team

 Written by    March 4, 2013

I know that I’ve mentioned Ohio State Ski and Board Team a few times before but recently I received the astonishing compliment that some of the members and officers ACTUALLY READ MY POSTS so I decided to take their encouragement to talk up ski team some more now that our season is drawing to a very very depressing close.

I have some base lines to cover first though:

  1. Ski Team and Ski Club are separate organizations.  Ski Team went to Killington, Vermont for our Winter trip, as opposed to Ski Club, which went to Aspen, Colorado.  This distinction is important for reasons I’ll let you google yourself, but suffice it to say that I am very proud to be on Ski Team.
  2. Ski Team is a team because we race competitively against other schools*.  I think OSU considers us to be a club sport? Or maybe just a club? Not really sure but we do race, and for that matter, we mostly win.
  3. I did not race this year because I hated competing in gymnastics in high school and didn’t want to make snowboarding less fun for myself.  Little did I know that races are super fun and pretty much pressure-free, but hey, I’ll be killing it next year in races for sure.

I would like to make an analogy.  Snowboarding, for me, is a lot like doing cocaine** because it’s pretty expensive and the more I do it, the more I want to.  The place where it differs from cocaine is that it’s not terrible for you (in fact it’s healthy, and I have the leg muscles and weirdly, arm muscles, to prove it) and that it’s actually worth the money you spend.

I had the best season of my life running around with ski team.  In total, I rode at five different resorts (Mad River, Snow Trails, Brandywine, Seven Springs, Killington) and got in at least 20 days of riding, and I still have a couple weeks to get that number higher.  But if 20 days of riding doesn’t sound like enough fun to you, I also had the pleasure of doing it with my favorite people I’ve met so far in college.

This past weekend we had our Spring trip to Seven Springs in Pennsylvania and let me tell you the conditions were perfect.  Seven Springs, obviously, can’t really compete with resorts out West in terms of size, but the powder (or as we call it, pow) was lovely as ever and the terrain park is one of the best, if not THE best, on this side of the country.  My proudest moment of the weekend was sliding out rails for the first time on Friday and then continuing to work on them on Sunday.  If there were ever a good time for me to describe myself as feeling legit, it’s now.  I feel so legit.

Only 14 people went on this trip, which is not a lot compared to Vermont when we had 40-ish, give or take 10, people– I’m not great at guessing.  We had a condo in The Villages, from which we had to walk 500 feet to start skiing/riding, which could only have been made better had we been less than 500 feet away.  Packing 14 of us into a three-bedroom seemed daunting at first but basically, the whole building was constructed of places to sleep so pretty much everyone got a bed, or at the very least, a couch and that’s more than I can say for most ski weekends.

We rode Friday night, Saturday all day, and Sunday in the morning and afternoon.  I’m not entirely sure when I’ll stop being super sore from that much consecutive riding but hopefully it’s soon, though honestly, I’ll take the pain any time if it means I get to ride.  When we weren’t out on the slopes we were doing adorable things like cooking each other dinner (hot dogs and spaghetti is the name of the game) and having pool noodle fights***, playing the classic Ski Team game Farvreteen****, and sledding down a hill next to our condo late at night.  Truly though, that’s not even the half of it.

After being at Seven Springs for these days I keep getting so pumped up for the next time I get to snowboard, and then getting super sad that I probably only have one or two days at Brandywine over Spring break left for me.  I’ve been a roller coaster of excitement and depressing realization all day.  I think this was definitely the best Winter I have ever had.

Ski Team will be at the involvement fair in the Fall if you’re looking to join us in our shenanigans next year.  If you’re inexperienced, fear not, we had two girls join this year with no previous skiing experience and they both did rails by the end of each of their seasons, which embarrassed my scared butt into doing my first rails too (this was my ninth season).  So if you love skiing already, you’ve found your people, and if you don’t love skiing yet, you have found your new people.  If you have any questions about us please feel free to email me at hartman.409@osu.edu, I think I have already demonstrated how much I love to talk about us.

Okay well.  That’s pretty much it.  Stay steezy!

TL;DR: I love snowboarding and Ski Team a lot and I’m so happy to have had such a great season but also super sad the season is over.

Music suggestion: the Atmosphere Pandora station is my favorite thing to snowboard to.

Important: Ski Team website

*Most of the time “schools” is school, and that school is Tiffin University, but we used to race Kent too, and hopefully that will be reinstated next season, and at regionals in Marquette we race a bunch of schools.

**I have never done cocaine, just think that needs to be cleared up

*** Not sure why there were pool noodles in the attic, but there were and they were so fun to hit people with

****We are pretty sure that we are the only collection of people in the world who play Favreteen and that it was made up by past officers, but it’s tough to confirm.  (EDIT: Confirmed it was made up by an ex-ski teammate named Colin who I have never met and therefore cannot credit with a last name!)

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  1. Kusold says:

    I rate this article 10/10 unicorns. can’t wait for next year

  2. Gumby says:

    Special appearances were also made gumby! A childhood hero for most! And a creepy green dude for others..

  3. Jackie says:

    I’ve definitely been on that emotional roller coaster all day today haha. But we’ve built such a good group this year, next year will be even better 🙂

  4. Kelly says:

    I love it!

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